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Here is our Weather from NOAA Tampa #FloridaWeatherEveryDay

I’m listening to “NOAA NWR Ruskin/Tampa KHB32” with the Scanner Radio app. You can listen to it here: https://scannerradio.app/?l=NjIwMzQ


No it does not get cool until November….

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What in the world is going on with this blog? Well, folks I have been taking a social media break and I’ll just give you highlights I can’t tell you everything but I’ll give you highlights…. 

We’ve been so busy we’ve gone to the local Publix deli to get food. We’ve got a legal case that runs north of our hometown here. Publix deli rules
Publix deli which is our supermarket has the best salads

The photo wouldn’t load for some reason but our dog has serious separation anxiety I think he made a mess on the floor . We’re moving it’s a long story . 

I have been working so hard lately that I need about four hours on the local beach just to chill ….

So I promise if I get to go which I hope to do so I will take pictures. 

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I’m going to the beach today if I have to stand on my head to do it!  I weather is about to dip below 70° or may already have done so! That’s a big deal here in Florida after sweating all summer

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I know I haven’t written in a while or shared my thoughts in a while on this blog, but we are deep in the middle of being busy with clients and my teaching part time in the local school district that’s what’s going on….. and oh yeah, we’re moving to another apartment in a month.

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The Tampa Rays baseball team is doing very well so far …… they beat Houston last night…. evens out ADLS…

Rays chase Verlander early, beat Astros 4-1 to even ALDS https://www.abcactionnews.com/sports/rays-chase-verlander-early-beat-astros-4-1-to-even-alds