Happy Turkey day week …. Some questions to ask the really lazy turkeys. Hmmm 

Happy turkey day weekto all !   

Some questions though. I need to put this out there. 

While moving on after my Dad in law’s death, I ask myself one question why is it when I go around to go back into my field that many not all sooooo lack compassion and service .  I have so much to offer to others, am not a Proma Donna or primadonna like they would be . Back in the 90s, I knew there were programs to get out of debt and get ahead. I jumped in and had the needed authorities sign off to credit my work. It was work to get my what they would see is my sorry ass ahead. It is what they wouldn’t do . They would rather  party their booms off down.  I helped take care of handicapped kids and teens. 

All got erased before my 1998 wedding . No debt, period.  No car debt, no wedding debt — nada.  

Then, I asked this. If everyone was soooo great and egoed– why were and are they in debt?  If these finance majors and managers are sooo big,  then why are they in debt??  Why do they have a big bad ‘tude at this ??? Many of them now rent and not own their own homes. 

My point:  they manage others property?  They own nothing? All that $$ goes where? 

Get a credito report of that thar manager, mr redneck and get more education than he has.  Get smart.