It is the Second week of Advent and just where I have been…???


IMG_1617-0I HAVE BEEN  MISSING IN ACTION.   It is the Second week of Advent.

Usually I have been posting the readings for the day.

SO???  I have also been getting ready to return back to the land of teaching and learning and writing civilization.  So I am not posting as much.

Why not?  I have a Master’s in Education.  I should be THERE IN SOME CAPACITY.   I am so done with all this estate stuff and some cousins in law in a northern NOT WESTERN STATE … I AM NOT GOING TO NAME NAMES.

Thus explains my absence from the wonderful world of blogging.

But coming up … a reflection from the past two years of helping hub run his small solo practice of law.  I am going to get real on his side.  Lawyers and Judges may laugh.

I could do one mocking the 12 days of Christmas or Jingle Bells and call it Legal bells.  Or God rest ye merry lawyers… or  others I can’t think of right now….

But a warning you will laugh and it is coming.  And so  is the party  for his Alma Mater Law School if we go.

Stay tuned.