Happy 80th Birthday to my 2015 late Father Jerry. BTW, did you tell God you want me to have another teaching adventure and to start on your Birthday? LOL!

It has been a great few years.  I have a lot of memories.  But I am moving on from running my Husband’s solo firm to go back to what I went to school to do  === teach.

I do have an Education degree.  I have an advanced Education degree. And here I go again.

It has been a great few years.  I graduated with that degree. Alfie the Beagle came into our life and messed up floors and rugs that I have long forgotten.  I am selling the rug cleaner in the next Estate sale. There have been road trips  to just about everywhere in Florida.   

Ask me where I haven’t been.  There are not many places in Florida that I haven’t been.  The Panhandle and South Florida are our least traveled spots because of the distance to the Tampa Bay area.   We are down here you know.

And there was taking care of my Father in Law and seeing his demise because of that nasty lung cancer.  If you are going to smoke,  do not do it in front of me.  I have no friends who smoke.  Or only one does and last I heard, she’s quitting.  We all look young because of it.

And then there was the move from the Apartment in South Tampa.  It WAS TRAUMATIC  because I’d  lived in one spot for 16 years.

And then there was waiting for the Probate and that went on and on and on.  Then, we sold the car that FIL drove and went on our last roadie to South Florida.  But the convertible almost died  on the way back in a hurricane style rainstorm that knocked out roads going north.

We haven’t been on a roadie in a year.

And then was other stuff that is still ongoing and we can’t talk about YET

And then there was the nasty client who started the utility nightmare last winter and early spring while we were rebuilding Hub’s solo practice that he left basically to give all his Father’s estate the attention it needed.  We were in the dark for a while.

And then it made us tough.  Most women would have walked out.  But I got to learn things I never would have learned otherwise.  What? I have learned what not to be like or do when it comes to relationships . I actually learn from the mistakes his clients have done.  I know what I don’t want to be like.

But I asked him about what his fav thing was about this whole episode of me helping running things.  I share little about our relationship because what I do share,  is valuable.  He also liked how I used to pitch to clients. He is glad I am moving on and going back into my career I went to school for and all.

And then came client after client and a few  cancellations and getting the know how to run things that make a business work.  It is all in how you do it.   It is all in how you make things work and do what it takes to get things done.  I surprised myself and my husband.

And so it is turning tomorrow.  The contractor is coming to be interviewed by us to look at the master bedroom and bath for the first renovation project  And I go back to my real life of teaching and writing again.

What about Christmas?   I haven’t been in much of a Holiday mood or what I call a New Jersey “how it should be like Snookie Christmas and over run a credit card like an empty headed fool with no spiritual life” type of Christmas .  I don’t have a Christmas list to show my empty headed fool  friends because I have totally disassociated myself from the days when I put value on showing off stuff that doesn’t matter.

I haven’t even set foot in a Mall or in a superficial store.  There is not a stick of wrapping paper in my house.  We are getting ready to renovate.

We are lighting an Advent wreath on the porch every night for the past two weeks.  We have a back porch near our back patio.  In Florida,  the weather is nice at night.  And since that kitchen emergency,  we are using the BBQ grill to cook.   The fridge is now out as well . It leaks.   The plumbing needs a looking at too in there.

So we have been using bottled water to wash dishes AND OURSELVES.  We are calling this the pre-reno camp out.  We told the contractor who is coming to give us an estimate at the crack of dawn tomorrow.

THANK GOD.  WHY?  When we moved in,  we didn’t move into the Master Suite because of the mess in there.

And now it is turning and I am RE turning.  Is this the lull before the storm?

Here we go –am off to Christmas Choir practice.