With the anniv of RoeVWade coming up, Here’s my viewpoint of prolife and a few vids to listen to while you read


see this vid first before reading this.

I’m writing this before I call anyone  this morning.  I am allegedly back writing again and doing what I know best.  

There is a lot going on with me lately this weekend.   It still takes two to three cups of coffee to wake up in the morning.  So that means when I have a real job where I work for someone else I am up at 5 am to wake up and I get there almost an hour early to beat traffic.  I am never late.

But I can’t look at everyone else.  I finally figured out they are not looking at me.  And that is more than likely good.

But pro-life?    That march in Washington D.C.  ?  My life and the lives of others my life touches is way more important than some stupid political march that NEVER EVER CHANGES.  It is a place where promises are made and never kept.

IT IS ALSO WHERE A SNOWSTORM IS COMING THIS WEEKEND.       I AM SKIPPING IT BECAUSE WE HAVE A HOUSE GUEST.  I have a long time friend of mine WHO IS A  stroke and CANCER SURVIVOR.   She is the same age as me.  She has been through it.  I will let her tell her story one day.

I am loyal to my school friends.  Each has a story.  But I am there to help when needed. I don’t care WHAT THEIR BACKGROUND IS:  GAY STRAIGHT OR ATHEIST or gun toting redneck.  Your real witness lives in your efforts to help life.

To those people stuck in the snow going to that stupid march where they are gullable as hell I ask: would you do what we here have done?  Would you take  a friend in so to help them survive until they find a better place?  Most of them wouldn’t take a homeless gal in — no matter what they tell you.

Go ahead with thy sing songy voicccccccce..

Ask yourselves that before you accuse any of us without a real rubric about what you think ‘LIBERAL ” IS.     Most people don’t give a %^&*( what liberal is.    You are not paying their bills and don’t care about anyone but yourselves.

Most of your friends wouldn’t care about you.  Your politicians don’t care care about you.   You are just like them.  You are the loud stones that cry out to deaf ears and believe everything.

So it is on to my phone calls to get things in my life done.  You are not God and do not create and have never created all those kids, no matter how irresponsible you have been to fulfill your hourly low paying jobs.

Low paying job?   No education?  I have a problem with this just like the homeschooling people with no common sense to find out for themselves what their local schools are actually teaching.  I don’t watch EWTN . I don’t watch TV and waste my time.  Our TV broke.

And me?  I am 52 years old. We have no kids.  So?  I am married 18 years this May to a wonderful smart man. Kids are not before a marriage.

You with kids and married since your 20s think “O, she has it made.”  No, I am adjusting to having lost my FIL and having to move  into his house and remodel it.  I have never shoveled snow.  Remember, I grew up in a warm place.   But our summers are unbearable with temps in the 100s.

So?  Not having me the way YOU WANT says every thing:  you the churchy one are not in control.

Remember that.

And there are a lot of factors involved in this abortion debate.  No one wants to help

these young people.   Think about it for a moment.

And we still have seven billion people in this world.  Those people or whomever has not killed every one .

This is a complex issue.   Work on the complexities and stay quiet.  And stay home and off the roads this weekend. It is going to snow north of Florida.

Me?  I am going on retreat and to the beach after it rains and the winds still bl0w.

You all are not in control.  You all need work on surrender to a God who loves you.  I am not going to worry about being pro-life and I am just going to be HERE AND FOR OTHERS.