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I went on retreat for the second time with my new parish and this is what happened… (**not to be read by non-Catholics who will not understand).



Driving Cross, Desert Joshua Tree
Driving Cross, Desert Joshua Tree

I am not wildly progressive or even wildly near conservative.

I am just me.  But after seeing this  last retreat,  I seriously doubt if I will ever go on retreat with them again. 

I AM shaking my head. There was a prayer room WITH NO EUCHARIST AND THERE WAS NO CONFESSION.    So unless this changes next year,  why should I bother?  We didn’t even get to have Eucharistic adoration or anything like that. 

So, I’m  not going back unless  there are some changes made.   I mean this year was different.  Instead of going to a usual hotel in the city where we live,  they invited the retreat gang to a church so they WOULDN’T GO OFF THE DEEP END.  

Sorry but I must tell the truth.  I am not rating this last FREE WEEKEND VERY HIGH.

The retreat is free, but I am not going back next year.  It was themed on HOPE but I hope next year I will be taking it elsewhere.  Or bring it to their attention that in order to have a #realCatholicretreat,   you can have fun, but you need serious time for maturity and #mature Catholic growth  beyond sharing wine at night like the ladies at my old parish or chitchatting about how funny things are in church.

That’s fine and has it’s place but if there’s no time to even here yourself think beyond an empty room WITHOUT THE EUCHARIST AND THE meat of maturity in the Christian Catholic walk,  then DON’T BOTHER.

I did get a grain of rice out of it, but for me, a retreat is for me a silent event where I shut up for about at least two days.

Yes, I can be quiet.  That is basic.

I went on such a retreat about five years ago where I just went… to Orlando and Disney area and checked into a cheapie hotel deal and then WENT to the Shrine of Our Lady Queen of the Universe and sat there in front of the Eucharist to be quiet so I could hear the Divine serious Spark that I know is God.  I had to be quiet for about two whole days with a balance when I had to talk at meals when I took myself to Olive Garden and almost got take out food. But I sat down and ate out instead.  Even then eating out was different.

Trust me folks.  I have no TV at my house, there is Christian Catholic radio in my area.

I am not Sarah Palin or any of those people but I do believe — I seriously believe there has to be a serious balance.  Even the agnostics with any depth in their lives need the quiet in their lives.  I know atheists who know how to shut up.

Laugh…. but I take issue with those who cannot shut up and well need what I blink and understand as depth to shut up with depth.

And in the real Catholic tradition,  the last thing I want is an empty room with a statute to pray in.  I can pray with pictures on other days AT HOME.

Also,  they need to get it together and give up the day of recollection retreat light and move on to the depth.

Got that?

Ok,  so I can take the hell from our formation team for this, but truth has to come out.  Otherwise, don’t waste my damn time.



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