Being laid back and in the Fla, I am choosing between this page and this page. Why I live here #1000 reasons.

This page:


THIS PAGE:       (*THESE PEOPLE I QUESTION.. BECAUSE THEY ARE NICE AND not everyone can relate but they are worth a mention.)

I seriously do not get enthralled by these so called Catholic bloggers, because it is the same ** over and over.  And how naïve they are ab0ut the people they elect to be their Savior?   I almost joined their organization but didn’t  because there weren’t too many regular humans from regular church pews that sent their kids to regular tax funded schools in the local area.   The amount of homeschooling that the bishops of the USCCB DOESN’T SUPPORT IS ALSO APPALLING.

Awful that many of thESE TYPE OF BLOGGERS  think they are God and above the church.  But I am going to try and be positive and move on.  We could have our version in our local area.

I love to do local things.  Tee hee….

I am not a vlogger.  I started as a TV production major but ended  up where my NY C family lived and chose to be transplanted in the early 70sand 80s.   It was warmer and my mother’s Brooklyn accent told rednecks to move the hell over on  their damn not paid for truuuuuhhhck they think is the same as their censored.   But then,  I ended up here as a journalist writer spitting out word features in of all places Polk County Florida.  It was a weird place.   I went up against my old high school school sister on a daily basis.  She wrote for the competition.  It was around the same time or just before author John Grogan was writing in south Florida and adopted his dog, Marley and wrote about him.

I did stories on local things that IMHO were just as important as shivering in NYC.  I kept my Walt Disney World discount.  It was 1986.  I met my hubs in 1989. We dated until 1996.  I am patient.  I hate shoveling snow.  I go to the beach in the winter and cold springs in the summer.

In 1990,  I used to get into Disney World for free.  But why words and magazines and news features?  Some people read.  I was a nerd and almost shy and there was no internet — YET.

And can’t they be like regular people with uhm, morals?   I am reading a book about Wall Street and all the debauchery and prostitution there.  That stuff still went on during September 11th and after that.

And by they,  I mean those church bloggers?  They need to read this  book.  They need to read what is really going on.  You can be moral all you want to but you didn’t stop this guy on Wall Street or his friends from doing all this.   How naïve you are not to change things and put flowers on your blog while this stuff goes on.


Read this book!   You are very naïve if you think that your local bank or their friends are honest and have your best interest at hand.

Is the church in NYC on the take from these guys?  I wonder.  They never say anything or do anything.  Say what you want about the heat or whatever here, but we don’t have Wall Street or Asia or China where all this is happening.

Now you see why I live here.  I so try and stay positive and choose between the beyond of the beaches and palm trees here.

Sorry,  I am going to stay here. Trips will not be longer than a month or two of business.  I own a house here now.  I really deserve my $140 for three days Discount for the WDW resort.

EVen my old TV production professor left here in the 80s and ended up as my prof in my Ohio based University.  He retired recently and I wrote to him to return, but I don’t know.

It is not easy to live here.  You have to want to endure the heat and some boredom that is less the hype of the city of NY.  You have to see between the lines and want to do your own positive thing.

I endured.  I am still here.

Got that?