I do not like the “Mommy blog’rs” here’s why. All obligation and no damn freedom and no women presidents or creative real ppl. Blah

I had hot cocoa last night at about 5 pm or 6 pm.  It has more caffeine than coffee or tea or it works on me  more than that other stuff.  And it was 1 am when I wrote what I wrote. I meant it. You don’t write that sh** without meaning it.  At 1 am,  you are usually too tired to not mean what you write.

Hey Mommy bloggers – we are done.

What did I write?  First an explanation.  Not like I have to do anything correctly.     But because I live here,   and maybe because it is hot and there are religious uh… gonna say it… narcissistic people involved… I did a penance yesterday. .

I invited Catholic Mommy blogger to dinner with Danielle Bean and maybe Jen whats her uh how do you spell Fullweller?    Lisa Hendey refused or made up a jack ass excuse.  Hell, I even gave her unti July or June when it is hot here.


Hell, it is almost damn Lent and I had grits for breakfast.

I invited some of the notorious “Mommy bloggers”  that have to do everything just right and like they think they should.

Good. Hillary won in Iowa..  Good.  There may be a woman president.  I COULD STILL VOTE FOR Bernie.

Why in the hell do I have to vote for Cruz or Rubio ??? That’d be like voting for the debauchery on Wall Street.  Einy meeeny miny moooo.

Freedom.  Verve.   I am going to do what I want to do.   Hey Wall Street does!   Why not?  I can too.

Bad choice ladies…..  %^&*  

I would have signed a pact and if I was ever in Rome,  something else good would have happened. .   But they are going to have to ask God and all the good that is good and get down here and be real people and sweat like us.  Maybe eventually they are gonna find out who my family knows and take the offer.

Let’s play chicken .  Why not?  They get their jollies off of being pretentious and I get mine off of playing chicken and letting them know I am not the only one that sees through their bluff and will not buy their books.

I don’t need to give a retreat to enjoy life and sunshine.

Yes,  I offered good will and they refused to take it.  It must be a good big ass patronizing deal  that little old me has to shine a fog horn through their bullsh** to call them on the carpet for not coming down here.

Now,  I know that I haven’t written anything about this group that irks me in a quite a while, mainly because I have had my own stuff to deal with here.  But I figured it is Lent coming up and I would offer paid for “food with seasoning” instead of that youth minister’s  fake Lenten penance of “food without seasoning” . \

I still laugh about what they guy wrote a few years ago.  Lent to me is more than doing crap like that.  It is about social justice and helping God’s people out.

For a Mommy blogger who has all the proper Duggar y type flowees on her blog… there is no creativity beyond doing the proper and gaining the approval of many but not all in the  Church that puts them down and keeps them on the farm.  

I want off the farm.   The animals not the people have ruled it just like in George Orwell’s Animal Farm,  a book that is hideous and many of them would never read because it is on their banned book list.  

But hey, I can give those ladies until August.  But hey, nah.  We are done.  I don’t need to be on EWTN TO BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC.

Got that?