THOUGHTS ON THIS. Regarding that thing called Lent: I am so glad I live here and not up north or another place.

Driving Cross, Desert Joshua Tree
Driving Cross, Desert Joshua Tree

I am soooo  glad I live here and not anywhere else. 

I am also so glad that some of those conservative too good to be true Catholic bloggers squint when they read me.  

Know what?  I don’t don’t give a damn what they think because they are not here.  

Lent is a four lettered word.  So is EWTN a four letter word.  We have no cable in our house and do just fine.   And I have a real life inside with prayer and maybe even more than they do but WITH PIZZAZ.Z.    I LIKE THAT IT BOTHERS THEM.   

I don’t watch EWTN and or cable anymore.

Sorry,  but I don’t think I am going to watch the Superbowl.  There’s too much hype.   I am not going to read them or listen to them.  I was praying and writing in a meditation journal and reading the Bible before some of those jitwads were born.

So?  OMG……………..^&*(  …!!!

There is too much hype in their brand of Catholic Christianity.

I like that it totally makes them squint and get constipated at the thought of meeting someone who will not be micromanaged by those who do so.  It is not going to happen. 

Yawn.  Many of them bore me.  They over do the religious thing and do not over do what is really important: helping others.

Got to go get real now.  

Got that?