Ash Wednesday: Here are my Lenten thoughts.

Ash Wednesday.   Two words that conjure up another word: Misery.   And misery is  another word that is the opposite of  Holy Joy,  a fruit of the Spirit.

Sorry but I can’t do that misery thing.  Or as they say in the south and northern Florida: thang.

It is not going to happen. Too many of those churchy people are miserable.  They think Lent is a contest of who can and should do more.  It is more like “I am doing this and you are not doing this.” 

“You are not fasting or doing whatever correctly…..”   That’s their song. 

This Florida HOmie – ette does not buy that.  Sorry. 

I never will.  Why  in the world is Lent  a misery contest?  Growing up,  that is what it always seemed to be.  I don’t buy that misery thing.   It made you and everyone else stingy and nasty and not want to give anything or do anything nice for themselves or others.  This is why Ash Wednesday sucks to many.

I dislike Mommy bloggers.  My readers know this. Those know it all Mommy bloggers seem to think it is.  That is rude to think it is so like this.  I will explain what in the hell why I don’t like the Mommy bloggers.  Neither does Alabama Writer Amy Wellborn.  She  wrote this.   I wrote this.  Hey we are 50somethings who well,  cannot relate to them.   Is this all you can do?   We are glad you have kids, but that is only one aspect of life.   There’s way more to life than just raising kids.   Get out there and get on with it.  

Being we are in our 50s and are well over not having kids,  not having kids is their big bleeping problem.  They think they are Mrs. God .  Stay up north.  Freeze.   You deserve it .    Moving on.   Many of those ladies didn’t   make a good impression on me.  They need a vacation and blogging history goes that I offered a vacation and a dinner  to several of them. But,  they adamantly refused and chose to stay miserable.  USCCB: ask God about this one.  God is my witness.

As for me and hubs,  we have a whole house to renovate before we even think about fostering any kids in this state.  We’d never ever pass inspection now.   We barely pass inspection for ourselves.  We are going to focus on our marriage after all we have been through in the past two years.  Little by little we are going to start having people over that we know because this house is going to be full of dust and debris in the next few months. We are not even sleeping in the moldy leaky Master bedroom.  It needs work and it serves as a storage room for our many books and other deep storage household items.  This is kind of a cross here.   It is a long story.

So what am I doing for this Lent?   I have a list.  It is not about that Texas A&M guy’s Lenten project #foodwithoutseasoning  which made his list about 5 years ago.  #Howdumb    

I am not giving up chocolate or seasoning with my food.  There are better things to do. 

  1. I live near a community center that has an exercise area that is free, just for living here in Seminole.   EXERCISE AND OFFER IT UP FOR ALL MY READERS LIKE A PRAYER. WHY NOT?  I GET BUFF… YOU GET THE GOOD ENERGY AND GRACE OUT OF THIS.  All good done.
  2. Since  hub and I have been married a good 18 years,  We are going to take time and read and do  this:  Thanks to the USCCB for their hard work on this wonderful project.   We are going REALLY GET SOMETHING OUT OF THIS.       I am going 
  3.  We are currently  hosting a long time friend of mine from my high school days.  She is a cancer survivor who had a housing situation problem already earlier this year.  Not to host her would have meant she would have had less than standard housing.
    As a married couple,  we had a whole house to ourselves,  so we just said no way do you have to go elsewhere when we have a whole house that we can share with you.  She is here until she finds something better.  And know what? This act of hospitality has seriously enriched us as a couple.  My dog, Alfie even enjoys her.  And I am very loyal to my friends because I have known them since the 70s and 80s.   I am also secure enough in my relationship. We made this decision together.
  4.  Hidden stuff that no one sees.  I am not going to go there.
  5. I am going to write down what I get to read everyday.  It is going to be short and to the point.
  6. I am not giving up this blog.  I am giving up politics and just pray about all of this.  Uh I am going to try and give up politics and just vote.  I kind of believe I know who wins in the end.
  7. I am going to disCOVER THE YOUNGER ME.   I may even get more fun then.  I may even take a picture of this. 
  8. I am going to focus on discovering the beauty of where I live.  My state Florida is soo gorgeous that even though we don’t get out much anymore because our car needs to go and we need a new one,   I am going to look around me and see the grace and blessing and quit whining.  I may even take my dog, Alfie with me on more walks.  Why not?  It is cool out down here.  I live near the beach and well,  you all need to see more of it.  I need to take this less for granted.  There be healing in that beach .
  9.   We are having a couple of Parish Fish Fry at our wonderful parish about a block away.   We are going to try and go.
  10. We are supporting those who are homeless in this area.  And we are working with our local organization Faith Action Strength Together /FAST,  a group of churches who work for social justice in our local area.  More on that in future blogs.
  11. I am going to try and plan  our 18th anniversary.  We start planning early.  Due to the fact  our car needs repairs and well maybe needs to be traded in,  I called the RV rental place yesterday to see about going to visit Fort Wilderness at Disney World for a long Florida resident weekend during the weekend before our anniversary this year in May.   We more than likely will be Florida residents and just stay in the campground, if possible.  This is how we give thanks for each other after a very tough couple of years.

Eleven things?   This is better than food without seasoning.   I and we can do more.  But let’s do it with common sense and with a smile on our  faces so others can enjoy this.

12.  Balance.  What is balance to you all?

Got that?