Here are my thoughts why I try or try not to give Catholic mommy bloggers a hard time. Marriage is just as important.
OK, folks, I know I give these people a hard time! I’m laughing while I’m speaking this on my iPhone. 

Here I am this morning I have a long list of things to do along with exercise. I’m not motivated to exercise but I’m going to try to do it. I had to take the dog for a walk or I go to the free gym.  

Too often theses 20 and 30 something and they see this child-rearing thing is more important than their marriages. 

Or they’ll give up their entire careers for their marriage and don’t realize that their prime earning years or what is what’s going to bring him out of poverty when they’re older.  And their kids are even less better because this homeschooling thing, I’m sorry to tell you, does not work.  

No one wins!  No one does this. 

So all my ranting and Raven for the past 12 years about them has been this: I’m sad for them. Being a mom is only one finger in your life. It may be your thumb you still have a hand in her heart for your husband.  

Got that?