Why do these Cath bloggers NEED so much attention? I don’t.

I like secular media, so shoot me.  They are human beings.  They don’t ban me for writing regular things. 

Isn’t God everywhere?  I believe so. 

See this list.  Other than  Lisa Hendey who is about the same age as me,   on this list. I tend to shy away from any mention of these other people who seem to need to go around the whole USA making money doing conferences that seem to say lookie lookie me I am sooo holy. 

I have called a truce with said Hendey for a while. 

And not only that.  they overcharge. parishes and dioceses that do not need to be spending any money on these men and women who need to go back and live a regular life. 

So here’s the list for your discern and hum and haw. 

I am off to a Toastmasters chapter meeting .