… and other interested parties in the American Catholic church:

I just called up to the Erlanger, Kentucky office of Dynamic Catholic – Matthew Kelly’s operation   at  :(859) 980-7900 .   A lady named Justine answered the phone.  I kindly requested that the person who banned me from their website and banned my IP address from their web address BE PUT ON THE PHONE FOR ME TO SPEAK TO. 

I AM FAIR AND VERY FAIR.  I just gave them a chance to rectify the situation.

I was banned from the Lenten Dynamic Catholic website two weeks ago.  I am not some kook.  I am an intelligent human being with two degrees from  Franciscan University.  I had a 3. 8 GPA the majority of the time that I was there.   I’m  not stupid,  rarely stink on trouble unless it is worth it.   I stick up for myself and I am not a push over or a door mat. 

Well ladies and gents,  this is worth it.  Self promotion and exclusion in Christ Jesus church does not a saint make.  Humility does.  I need to speak up because I rarely do, unless it is worth it.  Now is the time for me to do so here. 

Recently,  I was banned.  I state this twice here.  Why?  I made a comment about how couples should prepare properly for the Sacrament of Marriage.  It was by no means about anything else or anything like that.  I stated to a divorced lady that maybe a heads up about preparing better and uh, moving on from this would be best served next time, if there is a next time.  

This comment was removed.  I stood up for this institution of Marriage. I have been married  17 YEARS GOING ON 18 YEARS TO A wonderful guy.  We were married in the Catholic Church in the Tampa Bay area. 

And all other non related to this comment were banned. 

One serious  question:  why are you allowing this?  Why are you all allowing exclusion to occur.  You allow priests to promote what I thought was a nice program for Lent, yet I make one comment supporting marriage and then get banned.  Their reason may have been that I signed in via Twitter and Facebook on the Disqus chat board.  But seriously, does this deserve this type of poor Christian charity? 

Can you all do something?  I know I am not the only one being banned.  They may be hiding a lot more from you.   I suspect that and my gut feeling is that this is true.  Bishop Barron’s site has not banned me.  I am a participant on this site.  THAT guy is nice.  My point: if an Auxilary bishop or his staff haven’t banned me, then why is this guy Matt Kelly or his staff allowed to even do this?   Am I that awful?  Barron’s staff doesn’t think so and they kind of work for a bishop. 

See what you can do.  I may  give them one more chance.  I found that lady SNOOTY. 

“THAT IS NOT THAT EASY TO DO THAT,”  SHE SAID in a snooty fashion.  I asked her why the exclusion?  I told her my baptismal certificate is just as good as yours.  I also warned her that this is going on my blog and you all would be notified. 

Well, I have done that.  I said no werdy durds when I spoke to her. 

I am fair.  I may call them again to see about ordering uhh,  stuff and see if I get the same reaction.  This money making operation is just that. 

Uh,  if you are worried about my ego,  nothing doing,  I waited about a week to do this.  I called them in fairness.  I am stating what happened. 

Is there abuse involved with this guy?  I don’t know.  I am just asking.  IMHO, banning someone for a minor infraction is abuse. 

Please see what you all will do if anything.  I also suspect they hate Florida people for obvious sunny reasons and blame us with an obvious L label for obvious jealous reasons.  Why?  We’d invite them down here if they were nice.  Maybe they’d get discounts if they were nice. 

Just see what you all can or will do.  I rarely humbly ask for things like this, unless it is warranted.    I mean up.  It is time to bishop up with these superficial folks. 


Jeanne Stark Tampa bay area.