Here’s what is going on here. Read this.


We need prayers.  Hub is in the middle  of getting his diabetes treated.   So that means that I am holding the fort again here.  It was another up all night in the ER of a local health care institution here. 

And I am still tired.  I was going to do all  our ironing but I cannot find the iron to do the job.  So it is back to the visiting hours  and stuff like that.   

Being  married 17 years we are kind of  attached at hip.  People who know us see that is the truth. 

So I can use this for good and get all the stuff done on my “list” .   Or I can act like a younger person and freak out like I think they would. 

Nahhhhh.  I am too old for that. 

Just pray for us and stay tuned.  We appreciate it.