@usccb Remember how I was home IP address banned 2 weeks ago from Matthew Kelly’s Lenten site? Well I dare them to ban me & this major IP address  at a St Anthony’s St Petersburg fl waiting room while waiting for my hub . 

Dear Church guys aka Roman Catholic bishops of United States of America:  

Hello I am Jeanne Diener Stark of  Seminole, Florida, which is north of Saint Petersburg Florida in the diocese of St. Petersburg Florida.  I am not some kook . I am a very intelligent person with a Bachelors  degree and a Masters Education  degree from Franciscan University of Steubenville and an active Catholic who is very active in my parish. 

This is not the first time I’ve written on my blog about this . Most of my blog here is a travel fun blog about fun daily living in Florida with some religious Catholic tones to it that doesn’t go on and on about being  over the top orthodox.    I’m sorry to return to this subject but I stood up for myself before and I stand  up for myself now.  Apparently they only ban IP addresses when  they are read something that makes   them  accountable . I stood up for marriage prep right then. 

Now the subject of his site is  telling everybody your  3 big sins online. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that for confession that you should do every month?  

I was initially banned at my home IP address because I addressed the problem of poor marriage prep and divorce. This woman  in the comment board front of the subject and I addressed it.  Now I am addressing tell her not to have to tell all your private matters here a.k.a.’s one sins to entire comment board. I’m not petty this is just pointing out something that needs to be pointed  out. 

My brothers: they think their poop poop doesn’t stink.  This is not humility ,this is a problem . And I’m only revisiting it because to prove a point.  My point is if they’ve ban the entire hospital IP address waiting room in a major city that is a major ordeal.  Why am I here? I’m sitting here waiting for my husband who is having diabetic IV intravenous treatment after having major foot surgery. That went off without a hitch –thanks be to God. I’m bored and it is a two hour process and I just thought maybe for Lent I get in there and answer  this Lenten soup website I think you would  call it . Soup — yeah that was a misprint due to my iPhone here. But the word fits so well.  

I’m not going to go around round but here’s the point: something still needs to be done because if you’re going to use them for your parish instruction why would you use these judgemental people? Most of them think their poop doesn’t stink. People who are that judgemental on don’t need to be teaching others.  

My husband just had surgery three days ago. I was sitting in an outpatient  post op waiting room . He was going to have post op IV anti-biotics .  OK, so I’m bored sitting here in this waiting room staring at the walls for two hours.  That’s two hours of productive time working that I have lost. Don’t give me the thing about praying because I did that for two hours this morning — very very early before you got up before I got here I should be working right now — this is ridiculous.  

And they’re telling me this has to be done every day for six weeks after his surgery.  Let’s do the math on this. That’s two Times seven equals 14 hours a week, often in the middle of the day.  This is a total of 14×6 equals almost 100 hours. 

But back to being bad or mad .  I’m not really mad about this I am and I’m not . But the issue is here is that you will buy his books or Sacramental programs from a guy who has staff members who think that their poop doesn’t stink.  These people have no idea what living a real life day in and day out in a montonous a situation such as I am right now. 

It is my free-speech right to ask you not to buy  this attitude of letting my staff have a my poop doesn’t stink attitude. You all know and I know that he would be too good to manage his own website because his  name is trademarked and pseudo holy. I’m not sorry to say this and neither is anyone else that has a brain in their head — he’s not. 

Humorously I dare them to ban a whole hospital diabetes waiting room IP address.  If they do or did that , it means a whole hospital of people cannot receive their books. That’s like putting them in a Quandry. I didn’t do it they’re the ones that push the button to ban people. Go ahead make our day. 

Just do something or say something please,  OK? 

Here’s my comment below of what I said. This is today’s entry by Mr. Matthew Kelly and today’s comment by me. I have just as much right to do this. My baptismal certificate is just as good as theirs or yours. My poo stinks  just as much as theirs does or yours does. 
Please read below thank you very much, Jeanne Stark Seminole, Florida. 

Ps  When when I returned to home  today I went to their website dynamic Catholic.com I am still banned. But I am not banned  at other IP addresses like that waiting. 

Error 1006 Ray ID: 285568f00bec0d07 • 2016-03-18 02:56:10 UTC

Access denied

What happened?

The owner of this website (dynamiccatholic.com) has banned your IP address (

CloudFlare Ray ID: 285568f00bec0d07

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that florida lady  minutes ago

Maybe it’s not all about us but how much God thinks of us so we should hold onto that so we don’t Sin . But I jusT can’t stand judgements like people banning my home IP address for no reason. But this here is not my home. IP address but a major religious hospital in st Pete .


that florida lady

a few seconds ago

Isn’t this a bit personal and confessional matter for this question ? We deal with this in confession not here. Shouldn’t you all have a regular confessor to discuss this with? But do you go ?

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17 Mar The Real Problem

Day 32
Sin and evil are real. And they are not something that is “out there.” They are in you and me. We each have the capacity for tremendous virtue and good, but we also have the capacity for sin and evil. These things are in us and we have to come to terms with them if we are going to live life to the fullest the way God wants us to.
So, what is sin? The Greek word for sin in the New Testament means “to miss the mark.” If you were shooting an arrow at a target, this means that you would not only miss the bull’s-eye, but you’d miss the whole target. Every sin, large or small, is in some measure a rejection of the-best-version-of-ourselves.
Sin is more than just bad behavior. It is the rejection or destruction of something good. You cannot reject or destroy something that is good without rejecting goodness itself. God is goodness, and so every sin is in some way a rejection of God. This is why the most devastating dimension of sin is separation from God. Sin breaks down our relationship with him, puts obstacles between us and him.
There are times when we feel that God is not with us. But in fact, the complete opposite is true. We are not with God. It isn’t that God has abandoned us, but rather that we have abandoned God.
Have you wanted to stop reading this section? We have a natural aversion to speaking of sin. It’s normal. We have a tendency to run from our sin and hide from our shame. But what we are running from is nowhere near as important as what we are running toward. Let us run toward Jesus.
Excerpt taken from Chapter 32 of Matthew Kelly’s new bestseller Rediscover Jesus. Get your free copy here (just pay shipping).

What are your three most frequent sins?

Spend time reflecting on today’s Focus question. Take an honest look at your life. When you can, find time to go to confession and seek reconciliation with God.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me and save me from my sins.

Watch today’s second video, featuring a Dynamic Catholic team member. Amanda Recktenwald is our Email Marketing Coordinator, and comes to us from Neenah, Wisconsin. Amanda has a love for clipboards, seasonal treats, and the Wisconsin Badgers, and she can name all the U.S. Presidents . . . in order.

What are your three most frequent sins?
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