My no holds barred uncensored take on this: EWTN’s founder Mother Angelica dies at 92 years on Easter Sunday


Here’s the story from the EWTn people.  Here’s the Link:


I am going to be or try to be nice, but I can’t — I just have to tell the truth. 

She    started this network to get away from a 70s TV series / show the Word in 1978.  It was this.  She didn’t or could not tell the difference between a real show and a not a real show.  Literalism?   Weird is that one of the characters has a stroke and she crokes of a stroke. 


EWTN  started because of this movie!!!!!!!!!!!  How freakin stinking weird!  I was 15 at the time when I watched it late at night.  My mom watched it with me  Yeah,  even we knew it was real.   She allowed me to read just about EVERYTHING.  NO BOOK WAS THAT HIDEOUS.   FIND THE SOURCE OF WHY THEY ARE WRITING OR DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING.  

So,  when Mother found this movie was coming on and couldn’t tell the difference. What I am saying is this:   she may have had great intentions but could not tell that this show was NOT NOT NOT NOT REAL.   AND THEN SHE OVERREACTED AND WENT ON TO GET HER OWN NETWORK. 

She used to tell a story of how she called CBS to “take it off”.  THEY REFUSED.  Then she went on faith and well,  got a $600,000 for a sat dish to start this.  But who was that masked man in the Bahamas on that unnamed yacht?  Mafia? 

Truth is this: she overreacted about a show about the Gnostic Gospels.

Google that:  Gnostic Gospels .

I am sorry but I am going to actually ask this Q. 

Watch the whole series for yourself and find out what the possible stink was.  But isn’t Donald Trump Mafia in NYC?

Otherwise,  RIP   Mother Angelica . Keep in mind that her mother had uh, “issues”.

So that is what I think about a very funny lady.  That’s my truth.