Our mower broke so? This is what I did. This is a funny solution.



The grass was growing  taller and taller.  Our mower broke last week.  It is new and well I didn’t have time to stuff it in the front seat of our convertible and take it to the next town to be serviced.  It is under warranty and they were going to take too long. 

Meanwhile,   the grass was growing taller and the weeds were getting higher and higher.   So like before when we first moved here,   I went to our local Ace Hardware rental place to rent a Honda mower for $26 for 6 hours. 

My grass is no longer in violation and there will be no code enforcement and no beep neighbors complaining.   But they were having a bit of a wide eyed fit when and while I was stuffing the mower in the front seat of the convertible.  And they had even more of a fit when the car didn’t start and I had to jump the battery before taking the mower back to the rental place today. 

The prissy lady next door was wide eyed as I finally stuffed it in there.  Her sig other she shares a house with apparently doesn’t believe that women should do things like that.  He works for Duke Power and they are moving.  More about him later.   He was the one complaining that we had too many garage sales and came across our lawn after his daughter started snobbing that we had too many garage sales.  Now he is on his second garage sale in two weeks.  What goes around comes around. 

I have yet to complain, but if there’s another,  count on my complaint along with the video I have of his belligerent drunken act of coming across my lawn about a year ago. 

I kept the video .  I was soft spoken.  He was the loud mouth.  He was also a bully.  I should turn it into his workplace. 

Nah,  I don’t think code enforcement is going to be called this week on us. 

Stay tuned.  I am going to get my camera fixed and take pics of the next garage sale. 

Got that?    I put my arm in the air as I was pulling out of my cul-de-sac here and yelled,
“Whoa….” as I was driving away to return the mower after stuffing that heavy thing in the front seat of my convertible.  I had a blanket on it to protect the seat.

Yeah,  they were wide eyed.   The mower rental employee laughed as I pulled up.

“I would have needed  a truck….”