Update in my life: Home stretch with the hub’s medical issues and and and… read this…

Update here:  My hub the lawyer has about two more weeks of outpatient IV stuff to fight his diabetes.  Along with his clients and stuff, this means that he has been getting antibiotics 2 x a day in an outpatient room next to a local hospital Emergency Room.  This was after foot surgery that was after a routine doctor visit. 

 Diabetes is not something to be messed with ever!  We are celebrating around our house.  He is almost done and we are celebrating. 

And we are gearing up around here also.  We are getting ready to put our pool back into action and getting estimates of just how much it is going to cost to reno this castle of ours.   Things are about to get back to normal.  I am thankful. 

And I am  very thankful that allergy season in Florida is ALMOST OVER. 

So this is why I haven’t been blogging much.  Most of this has occupied me. 

This along with work and working on a massive writing project. 

And this is really why I haven’t been posting that much.