Tampa 2016 is the spot for the Marriage Encounter convention this year. See this about what I did to vol us to host at our house. Boundaries…

Here’s the link for the North American convention in mid June.  http://www.wwme.org/2016-Convention

I have volunteered to host a family or clergy member because we have room in our house here,  which is one hour away.

We like boundaries at our house.  We  love boundaries at our 4 bedroom 2 bath Florida pool house. 

Boundaries is when we offer something but speak our mind about what we are offering.

But Tampa 2016 is the spot for the Marriage Encounter convention this year. See this about what I did to vol us to host at our house. Boundaries…

We also have a big heart and like people to enjoy  our life here.  But we speak our mind. 

Being I have a blog here,  the  purpose of it is to share daily life here.  And the other purpose is to have a good laugh,  sometimes.

So last night I did IT.  I PUT OUR NAME ON THE POSSIBLE OF HOSTS FOR THE Tampa 2016 NATIONAL  Marriage Encounter convention this year.

But given the fact that hub and I do not even use our Master bedroom or bathroom due the point that there is litigation going on about a “tub issue” in there that has caused it to be not usable,  we are sleeping and residing in another bedroom.  I maybe overdid it on the details of the hosting information application.   But at least they those people not wanting to spend 50 bucks a night for a Motel 6 will know what they are getting into here. 

Truth is this:  I didn’t want fat obese Trump Duggar type weirdos coming into my house having their wee ones drowning  or near drowning in my pool and then suing us for it.

Drama… and more religious drama.  It is more like human drama with hospitality. 

I can hear the powers that be in the Tampa Bay ME community now.  “Why in the hell did you put all that there?” 

Cause this is our house and NOT YOURS.  You want volunteers, right?  You want us to attend this conference in mid June of this year, right?  Okay…. these is our boundaries.

I so put the  below so you know what I am talking about here. 

Here’s what I wrote .. . 

Read the fine print.   Remember,  we love to host.  …. boundaries and rules of the house are good to know and good to have.

Read the fine print.  If  you don’t want us at the convention,  there is always Disney World and the Florida Bar convention which is the same weekend.  But then,  I just looked and found other specs that other people wrote.

Hey I could go party with the judges  and drop the dog off at the Mickey Mouse dog kennel where they read him a story . 

But why would you even go on the weekend ???

This whole deal teaches interfaith relationship techniques.  There is a Jewish and even Methodist Marriage Encounter weekend.

Read this below for a good laugh as to what I put in there.  I was tired so I wrote ** a few times.


 We could maybe help a SMALL FAMILY WITH NO MORE THAN TWO very RESPONSIBLE respectful KIDS ABOVE AGE 10 THAT really KNOW HOW TO SWIM. NO MORE THAN TWO KIDS WHO ARE GOOD WITH PETS. WE HAVE ALFIE AND WE HAVE A POOL. TWO KIDS COULD USE SLEEPING BAGS AND THEIR OWN AIR MATTRESS in the den. There is no eating in the bedrooms as Florida has a bug problem. They could sleep in my office/den. They have to be respectful because Alfie is an escape artist. They cannot leave the door open so he could get out. We need the kids to behave and listen to us and not go into the kitchen when it is closed for the night. There are certain areas of the house that are off limits due to the renovation. We haven’t started the renovation, but certain areas of the house are not in use.
 We have two bathrooms but the Master is not in use. It is not for guests and barely in use for us. The main bathroom works. But the Master bath and the Master bedroom is not in use. Again, we are sleeping in one of the guests rooms until the renovation is started and over. There is another room across the hall that we share a bathroom with at this time.
 We have a 35 year old house that is about to undergo serious renovation. We are getting a new AC unit in the next month. We have a pool to stay cool. We have a state of the art front load Washer and dryer. We would have to have charge of that and any guest would have to ask us to use it. It is brand new.
 We prefer professional people because we are professional people who are knowledgeable about the world. We both have four degree between us. I have a Masters in Education. I am a teacher of small needy children in a needy neighborhood. My husband, Scott is a Lawyer and a member of the Florida bar.
 We are renovating our Master bedroom, so that is not in use. We sleep in one of the four bedrooms. My office is one of the fourth bedrooms, so we could use that for guests.
 We have one bathroom. But we could have night showers and signups beforehand coordinated. There is a working bathtub and a shower.
 We do not have an HOA HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION REsTRICTIONS, SO THEY COULD ALSO USE AN RV IN OUR FRONT YARD, BUT WE HAVE NO HOOKUPS. No one is going to call if they use this option. They could park it in our driveway if that is the only vehicle. We would ask them to share the cost of the electric.
 Scott my hub is a Type 2 diabetic. Match us with either a small family or a diabetic parent or child.
 We have no TV right now and do not watch TV. We are avid readers.
 We hope we can help. We have had guests before and they are fine with this arrangement after they understand that this house is not perfect YET. Anyhow, we live in Florida and have a backyard in the ground pool and nice porch with ceiling fans.  yes  WE HAVE ONE 5 YEAR OLD BEAGLE –ALFIE BEAGLE IS HIS NAME. HE IS AN INSIDE DOG. HE SLEEPS UNDER OUR BED. NO CATS. HE IS VERY ACTIVE AND IS USUALLY ON A LEASH WITH strangers. He is very good with most kids.
 He is an escape artist and all guests would have to and must respect that we have control of him. We walk him and feed him. They would have to tell us if they are heading for the door because he follows them.  no  no  We would love to help. Again, either a very small family or a nice priest who doesn’t mind lodging with us. We have no kids. We do not need whispered comments about our not having kids. We are 52 and 54 and got married late in life. We also do not need political comments about what is wrong with our diocese.
 But we live in Florida and have a pool.
 They would have to have their own transportation or rental car. We would need a ride to the convention. While our convertible car is reliable but we need to use it for work purposes only. We do not have a mini van and would not rent one for the weekend.
 We cannot assist any heavy/obese people as our facilities cannot handle this type of adult. We are not wheelchair accessible. Sorry. We walk every morning or near every morning on the Pinellas trail.  04/26/2016 07:43 pm