New summer spring rule : My political blog will be for politics and this will be for daily life travel and fun…

I had to do it. We have no TV at home so politics and TV are the same as garbage and trash . We read instead. 

So from now on , I have a political blog that has a link and this blog is now for fun and travel and other stuff like back in the day before we moved to the house.

But don’t think the political blog it’s going to be much!  I’m not going to get into anything with anyone for any reason and waste my time.  My faith does not rely on politics!   Sorry folks, it’s not going to happen.  Most of those folks to sit there and watch TV all day don’t practice their faith and don’t read the Bible and if you’re Catholic, do not read the catechism! 

So links that I think important and I’m going to put on poly want to sunshine cracker!  

If you support Trump, get as far away from me as possible because there are things I will be thinking about doing.  In my eyes, you are a bigot! 

That’s the bottom-line and that’s the last thing I’m going to say about politics on here for a very Long long time!  

From now on, we returnto road trips and Florida fun here. If you follow me on Twitter I am not a business I don’t want marketing leads!  Get my husband  @Scott lawyer to follow you. He needs cheap legal leads. 

Are you ready for summer?  Summer starts in May here. We need a new air-conditioning system and that’s what I’m doing in daily life lately.  

Stay tuned.  I have stories about that search. 

Stay tuned .