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Happy 18th Anniversary to us! What a two years we have had. REad this ….

I am smiling.  Yes,  this is my smile in the pic below.  FINALLY FINALLY … FINALLY WE ARE GOING ON THE ROAD AGAIN AFTER TWO YEARS OF WORRY WORRY WORRY AND GOing almost obsessive about the car,  the house and the nightmare without lights last year.  

I am pumped.  We are going back to normal life.  I am rolling my eyes. 

And finally,  we are going out to eat.  Our budget is $40 for two people. 

For one thing,  we are not going to do a Monday or a church chat’s woman’s idea of responsible behavior when you have a house.  I always have this idea of this oversized lady shaking her finger at me about this.   But,  I would say, we have not had a vacation in about two years since we moved into this house.   And then there was the garage sale after garage sale and fat ladies coming into our sale area and looking at the good china and saying it is “chiiiiiiped”  when there was no chip on anything.   

Enough is enough.  But sometimes you have to put each other first and get away for a serious one day change of scenery.   We are starting tonight .  We are going out to eat tonight.  Why not?  People spend about three grand each to just stay here and it is our backyard.  

At first , we were going to the beach bar but then I remembered that parking on a Sunday night is not worth any fight and going around and around and around six times to get there when you are there.  St. Pete Beach is full on a Sunday night.  Why?  Tourists.

We are doing a 36 hour non stop 18th anniversary celebration where we say sorry to everyone else and pay attention to each other.  Rules are no worrying about the house and do this as cheap as possible to save money for our new AC unit that we must pay for outright.  That’s about $3400.00  brand new with rebates. 

I know what some of you are saying.  But that is only about half of you.  Time to stop being boring and join us.  But sorry you cannot. 

Sorry,  this homegirl is grabbing the dog and the hub and heading south to celebrate that we survived 18 years of each other.  We are not going to take each other for granted.  We are not going to worry about this house Alba tross around our necks.  I downloaded Gas Buddy.  I am going to say a prayer that our car makes it south down to St. Armands Key Venice and Sarasota with Alfie and we are going to romantically walk the Venice shops. We won’t buy anything and won’t be working like you.  We just want to do this because we are going to get out and the other rule is to just be silly and aimless for a day.   Besides, we had a client meeting on Saturday.  I have already worked my share this weekend.  I have already researched  two big cases already.  

 Venice is located about an hour or so south of Tampa.  There is a dog park on the beach.  But we could change our mind and just end up at Anna Maria Island just across the Sunshine Skyway.  There is still a beach there and no pit bulls to pick on Alfie.  We wouldn’t have to shout at the rednecks to pull their ** dog off my dog who would still be on a leash.  That happened one time and it wasn’t fun.  They didn’t listen.  Our beagle yelped.  

So it is now off to the Dollar store for suntan oil and a dollar store hat.  More pics later. Meanwhile, enjoy these. 


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