How did our Anniversary go? Yes, we traveled and weather was very hot on the beach

Sorry for no photos.  My camera broke — again.  The heat got to it.  So now it is going to the shop.

We had a great 18th Anniversary and a great day off.  Thanks to all well wishers.

I have lived here for 40 years and well,  yesterday was great.  We went down to Venice and had a nice take out dinner with a bottle of bubbly.

But even as we got down there,  I forgot just how hot it can get on the beach.  It is hot during near late May.

Next time:  we are going to a Florida spring in the northern part of Florida.

At least when you go swimming,   you feel colder and cooler physically for days.  And the water in the Gulf was just as hot as the air around us.  Take heed.  Here’s our weather for the next few days.