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A TRIBUTE TO MY FRIEND DEBBY L. on her graduation – 30 years later. She perservered and finished after her mother died.

debby tribute in blog

I rarely write about my friends I went to school with or those I even went to college with once upon a time in the past in the 80s and 70s. 

That is why they are my friends.  But when they do something beyond the beyonds,  I blow the way to go buzzer. 

I am doing that now. 

I went to Wingate College in the early 80s in Charlotte, N.C., area.  I was elated to see her because she was a freshman and I was a sophomore.  We had chosen the same school separately and never said anything to each other.  This was even though we went to the same Brandon Senior High School in the Tampa Bay area.  So we bumped into each other at this new school.

But I went on got my credits and moved on.  Before this,  we did a Spring Break road trip as many good friends do.  And the usual sisterhood silliness was involved.

But as I moved on and we wiggled around and through our faith,  Debby didn’t finish college, but I did.

Then,  I lost touch for almost 25 years.   God knows I tried to find her and the whole gang. Forget that until Facebook the national reunion.  Thanks Zuckerb….. friends make you money.  So?  Uh,  dude… nice.

WE are now sort of back in touch with all the good we are now.   And  Facebook had a lot to do with it.

Then,  when I found her, her mother died.   On the way out to heaven and all,  her Mom made her promise to finish school and loose the weight and take life by the horns.

She graduated yesterday.  Debby graduated yesterday with this on her mortarboard as a trib to her mother.   Uh, and one more thing, she brought her mother’s ashes to the graduation.

Nice going.

What else?  Expect the feet of these mystery ladies to show up somewhere  causing trouble in a  smiling hood near you.  The Golden Girls were nice.   Our Chinese fire drill is at a local beach haunt near you.

Nice going.  You were warned how cool  encouragement is and about all of us.

God please let us get back together again.


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