Florida resident daily life: How to save money on a BBQ for Memorial Day.

My shopping list: 

  • Milk, 
  • Water for the water tank. 
  • Eggs
  • A grill able for dinner
  • Onion rings
  • Veggie tray
  • Dog Food
  • Oatmeal for the dog’s skin.  (*Alfie needs this before going to the vet.  Oatmeal baths. More in another blog on that later. ) 
  • cold cuts
  • salad.  Must eat green veggies to stay in my clothes.  Budget and cannot shop for new clothes. 

I have a list to make for most of the summer this  year.  We have lived in this house two years and nothing has been completed on my time.  But it will,  my hub says.  Scott and Florida time. 

 So I have to save money at the Grocery story on just about everything.  Just because we have four degrees between us does not mean that we can be stupid with the money we have worked so hard for here.  And we also try very hard not to eat junk food.  With his diabetes,  we cannot.  So I have to be serious when I go to either Publix or Winn Dixie here.  I downloaded both their apps on my IPhone that suddenly started to work.  Glad for that because I thought I was going to have to spend about a ciento or 100 bucks to repair it and another 100 to repair another one that is cracked on the screen.  

Don’t even ask me about that long repair list for the house.  There’s the A list and the B list and the hold it I need to clean list. And there’s the organization list for each room.  One room at a time is the way I do things.  We are about to tackle a few things since it is summer and we are about to get a new AC and close up for the summer to avoid the heat.  And our back and front yard is somewhat under control since I just found a guy to cut our trees and the nasty side of the house that needs to get cleared and cemented.  After that,  we are going to reno our fence fronts. 

And on and on and onnnnnnn….

See? There’s a lot things around here that need to get done.  This is why we need to save money and coupon.  And not much has changed in the way I coupon, but much has changed in the way we shop around here. 

We don’t shop  by the week,  only by the day or every other day.  If you don’t have it in the house,  you won’t eat it.  .  We like having the money and watching every dime when we go out to spend for food.  We don’t eat out without a coupon or a deal that is given to us.   It has to be below 30 bucks a meal.  And that 30 number is a big  deal when we do a meal either at home or out. 

No cake,  no  cookies and no candy. DIABETIC HUB CAN’T HAVE IT   We eat and drink low fat as possible.  We could do better but cheese an chips and dairy is our downfall.  We don’t drink soda or Gatorade because of the sugar content.   Rarely do I buy alcohol.  We have  a water cooler so we buy big things of water.   We drink a lot of ice water.  I drink coffee in the morning, so I like it strong.  I have a coffee bar in my den/office here.  It is set up every single BEFORE I GO TO BED AT NIGHT.   I ALMOST NEVER SPEND MONEY ON STARBUCKS UNLESS I BUY THE BAG HERE.  I had  an espresso machine but that broke.  I use a Kitchen Aid machine because the water tank is 

Last night we splurged and went out to Tequila Flats,  a tex mex restaurant known for cheap good Tex Mex food.  It is a Florida chain.  Uh the Shock Top tap beer is good too.  No dessert but a lot of chips and queso.   TOTAL BILL $26 FOR TWO PEOPLE.   We had two beers.  That was it.  Moderation. 

So here I am … again.   I have to go to the Grocery store, again.  I dread it but I have to get all my coupons together. 

Wish me well.   As soon as I get my camera fixed I am going to do a vlog on how to seriously save money by couponing in Florida here. 

Wish me well.