Ok, so the rain stops yesterday and Scott my hub opens the garage door and Alfie the Beagle takes off zooming without his leash into the the other ‘hood.



Poor boy… all cooped up for two days with this storm. 

Our little  escape artist did just that.  He escaped from the garage.  When did this happen?

“Jeannie hold the door and let’s go….I have to get the car out of the garage….” goes my hub to me still getting ready in another part of the house. 

We didn’t do anything with this storm going overhead.  Tis the end of the school year and all our meetings are at the end of the week. 

But it seems that Alfie the escape Beagle got out  after  he pushed the door with his paws.  He is that uhhhh  not good.   We have to take precautions with him and not be ditzy and dippy like the average church fools who say “Oooo dear,” while hoping that God will forgive their stupidity and not wanting to help anyone in our predicament. 

What happened next?   Being that I was still getting ready and dressed, I couldn’t help. Scott took off after Alfie who we know that no one can catch him.  We don’t even try.  He will stop eventually.   You just have to tire him out  and then he will let you get him. 

Exercise was  impossible when even after the dog will push for a walk but the rain was so so bad.  We just couldn’t take him out. 

So Alfie got into himself and his doggy brain that he would walk himself into the next neighborhood that is even ritzier than ours.  My hub ended up following him over a busy street  into a cul-de-sac there.  Alfie had a solo chase party with Scott following him.  When I came out finally dressed and ready to go, there was no dog and no hub.  I went down the street to ask the neighbors if they had seen Alfie and my hub.

“No,” said the guy who was fixing his roof after the storm was going away.  “But hear him!”  He was laughing. 

Scott and our beagle were on the chase on the other side of their fences.  Seems Alfie was following his ordinary walk and wasn’t looking back.  He was trying to walk himself. He wasn’t coming after my hub was calling him. 

“Screw you,”  he probably thought, “I can do this.” 

Meanwhile,  I found my flips and dashed to the convertible that was still running to charge the battery.  It was still in the driveway with the keys in it. 

I got in.  I ribboned around the neighborhood looking for them both and couldn’t find them.  Alfie had made Scott follow him to a cul-de-sac but it just wasn’t ours.  He is not stupid he pays attention to the circle but didn’t see it wasn’t ours.  It was hidden among the large hood next to ours.  That’s why I didn’t see them. 

I was shaking my head all the while. I was picturing having to call 911 to report them both. 

Turns out on the last turn and the breath I had left in me to give up,  I spotted Scott  as I was turning onto Ridge Rd.  He had Alfie on a leash that was a make do rope.  The two “Ba to the bones” dudes were trying to make it home.  But when Alfie saw me in the car he backed out of his collar again.

More “screw this” Mommy is here.  Make Mommy run like Daddy,  because I’m the boss.  He ran into the parking lot of the Assembly of God church next to our church, St Justin’s.  The pastor’s kid came out and tried to help.  Then the beagle got away until he reste in the mud that was thick.  Alf started drinking the mud water.  He had had enough and was resting long enough for me to put his harness on him.  No more hike.

I was rolling my eyes because to get to him,  I had to involve mud on my feet that only had flip flops on.   I made sure that his harness was tight.  He wasn’t going anywhere and shoved him in the car.  Then, I got in to the car and circled around the block and drove home.

Then,  we dropped our dog fool off and went to get a chicken sandwich with our hair standing on end and mud our our feet.

I later found out that Alfie growled at Scott when he tried to catch him.  He wasn’t done YET.

I SURE WAS AND SO WAS HE.  Alfie goes to the vet in two days for his annual .