Me but here’s some more thoughts as I choke through my day.  The shock is wearing off I have tears. 

I’m busy otherwise. I’m sending off my paperwork: for my teaching getting things like that I’m working with my husband who has a solo law practice. There’s paperwork paperwork paperwork to do and oh yeah, and coffee if I get time to do that. 

Remember, I’m 100 miles away from all of this. I chose not to have TV to stay away from politics and being rattled by things like this.  Folks, it’s not that I don’t care I’m praying for all of these people. I don’t really care what they did I leave that to God and his judgment. And one thing: the rover is the way I go to church on Sunday is not to show off it’s for my inside like a vitamin. I try to stay away from the judgment people and things and over-the-top things like that.  

Church? Yeah, church! I’m having a bit of a difficulty with that lately but, I’m doing it for myself so I don’t become one of these terrorists. Don’t worry government,  I will never own a gun I don’t like knives and less I’m cooking and the scissors are by my window for cutting paper.

In other words, I don’t get a thrill out of hunting bears and lions and tigers and things that are living oh, yeah I don’t get a thrill out of shooting people like some of these Isis people do.  

But after listening to Neil diamond’s song I get one thing : I don’t know these people . I don’t know them. Now that they’re gone they’re gone too soon.