You would not believe the courtroom chatter about this past weekend… 

Will share later ….  After court where I am now . 


I can’t take pictures in that court room. I can’t record anything. But I would’ve loved to done so. What I heard yesterday was awful.   I very much prefer free speech but this was evidence that there is something really wrong with the insides of these men that were supposed to be upstanding. I didn’t hear any women say any of this. God, I would’ve loved to name names. Too bad I didn’t know who they were.

It is 24 hours later . This was yesterday.  I sat in the front row behind where the lawyers sit and stand before the Judge and criminal court in the county north of where we are today which is Pasco County.  

These are supposed to be upright citizens who are supposed to be helping all of the accused that are sitting in the jury box to the left of where I was looking at in the court room.  Yet, who are the real criminals in the heart?  Where is the real soon? Who is worse? Who is worse? I’m going to say it again: who is worse the gentlemen in the stripe suits sitting in the jury box awaiting pretrial hearings or those in the suits standing in front of me cursing all the gay people they think should’ve “got theres”. 

I don’t know if my husband heard three or four of them him but he was rolling his eyes too. Too bad I can’t name names. Hey guys, the Florida Bar Conference  is this week maybe I should tell the president what you said. 

Oh, I shouldnt have been eavesdropping, but I was there that was in public court before the judge walked in and before we had to stand and well everyone was waiting and everyone could hear you all . I was sitting behind the rail. You should have just signed in and shut up. It was very unprofessional chit chat about the shooting in Orlando that killed 50 people, the worst shooting in the USA history. 

Yet, all I heard from every single one of these overpriced lawyers or court appointed lawyers was F this F that I would be running from that place. Also I heard one say And whisper they got what they deserved.  

Who is that guy in the Mercedes? Are you really helping anyone of those guys? I’m sitting here without an air conditioner because we decided to help someone I’m sitting here with a fridge that’s about to go! Got that? 

I had a stomachache yesterday. 

Another:  A statement  about a citizens militia but no one is trained -stick them out there. 

So, so what was I doing sitting behind everything?  I work with my lawyer husband. Many days I go to court with him . It’s a lot easier that way and it works for us.

My point here is this: why talk ? Can’t we just pray for these people and pay attention to what you’re doing instead of chitchatting it’s really bad taste . 

I’m just asking this.