Jehovah Witnesses at the local library drive me nuts….

I went  outside in public yesterday for a quick trip to the library after doing research online for  hub’s lawyer practice.  It was interesting.   We work out of our house for now because the overhead is nada, nothing.

I had to  take a second look because the Jehovah’s Witnesses  were outside with their uhm  nonChristian  truths and unwillingness to dialogue with what the Catholic church believes.  They are outside the library   EVERY WEDNESDAY IN SEMINOLE, FLORIDA. EVERYONE IGNORES THEM, WELL EXCEPT ME.  I COULDN’T HELP IT BECAUSE THE TRUTH IS THIS:  THEY DON’T BELIEVE AND WELL,  BELIEVE THAT THE WORLD IS ALWAYS GOING TO END.  You all give wrong dates out and I pointed that out to them.

“We are peaceful people,”  one of the dark hair ladies  said.  “Nice try, ”  I said.  I pointed out that most mainstream Christians all know that they are not mainstream.   “Hey lady,  most churches do not go by your fear and don’t side track people.  We all know you all don’t believe in the Trinity,  a doctrine that all churches hold.  Oh yeah,  don’t worry I am not packing….  so  no fear here.  Why even  waste your time and energy in this heat?”
True confessions :  I took several of their uhm,  books  told them and their bystanders they didn’t believe in the Trinity.  They weren’t  happy that I also pulled up Wikipedia about their history.

Then,  I took one of their books and threw it in the garbage next to the  bathroom inside.  I later took  all their other propaganda and threw that away too.  That other  stuff was   a small pile by the  info desk that the library has there.

I didn’t even feel guilty that I did that.  Hey,   heads up folks they are only there on Wednesdays.


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