Some thoughts bout vs this and that here online. I am nice compared to some of them

See what I mean?   All that crap about rivals online here?   I am laughing.  The most I   ever did was get an online mag shut down.  I don’t even VLOG ANY MORE …. MY CAMERA BROKE. 

I also reported a few homeschoolers to their local  child protective services  in their states.  Yes,  I am proud I did that.   Those people are downright weirdos.  Geesh.

I AM  LAUGHING ABOUT IT BECAUSE this I am a “Mommy so I am soooo  Caythuck and better than the Pope and AND MY HUSBAND.”   Believe me,  that’s how they are.  I got indignant with one Danielle Bean and her hub Beaner and    that started the war.  

Hey at least  I don’t street fight about tattoos.  And I don’t  What’s  that all about?

I am very tongue and cheek  about all this because I don’t take anything these weirdos do seriously because they are weirdos and over the top.  They are not normal and very OCD.  That means they are obsessive compulsive and disordered.

And me?  I just move around here without any threat . Trust me,  those ladies well are weird .   I usually don’t think about it any more but that video made me look good. I had to laugh so hard.

Did I see  one of my Mommy Blogger folks last week in the Cathedral of St. Jude at the 6 pm Mass?

Maybe… I  didn’t say anything and that lady looked awful familiar… but nahhhh.

Maybe…. more about that later.