Our Mower is in the shop and all we want to do is rent a mower payment hassle Saturday morning

It is Saturday morning 11:46 am and I cannot believe the BS that we just had to go through this morning.  I just heard Florida thunder overhead after it all this morning.  The rain is going to make it impossible to mow my yard , so here goes.

A side note. I do not use credit cards, period.  We don’t use credit cards, period. I taunt people that they are in debt. I  shouldn’t but we do because they have this l0ook on their face when we tell them in certain terms that no matter how they look at us, we are ahead.   We don’t like the hassle of the interest and the fees and the garbage of the use of your money is being used by ditz brains that have no business using or knowing your money.  Cash is king.  I like Dave Ramsey and his method. 

Now on to the not so nice morning  of trying to mow our lawn.  I am in the mood to tell, so why not?

It all started about a month ago when our mower DIDN’T START.  It is two years old.  It is under warranty, so off to the shop it went this week.  It took a while to get there because of the hassle of having to wait another week for them to look at it and fix it.  If they don’t get it back to us and call us,  we will report it here.  Names will be named and you will know where not to take your business.

Then the grass grew.  And neighbors here get into our business about how the grass grows here.  We have no HOA or Home Owners Association.  We don’t pay that.

Then in the middle of waiting for client matter stuff we get a notice from the city of someone who complained about our eight inch grass on our front lawn and our green pool that has issues.

So off we went last night to date night here. And we sweated all night to the tune of 83 degrees with no AC at night in the house.  We have a bathroom and a bathtub and a shower with very cold water and several  fans.  That is how we are doing  this. We  are saving for

And up we moved to the mower shop only to find out that the rental store I normally use has a returned broken mower also.

Off to local   Plan B.  First stop Seminole Home Depot only to find out that this rental outlet has an attitude with no one in line at the counter.  I didn’t know how much they would be and well, they gave me nothing but attitude about things.  I moved on to the other Home Depot.  Forget them.  I would have gone to Lowes but they don’t rent.

First stop back home to grab the hub and  get the Debit card.   Also there was another stop to take care of biz.  The other usual rental place doesn’t require it and they don’t hassle me.  I needed to get prepared.  I know them also.  But God knows what anyone else was going to charge us.  They would want Alfie to do tricks for them for free.  He charges too.

So  I grabbed the hub and the card.  The guys at the counter at the other store are nicer until they found out  we don’t use credit cards.  It is like they have an attitude until you are as bad off as they are.  They hate pre paid cards.  They are so uppity  for guys at a rental desk.

“But we do take PayPal,” one said.  I then told him I would be back. We then needed to go get that card.  I use cash and don’t carry cards around unless I need them.

One little thing:  we HATE PAYPAL BECAUSE  OF HOW LONG AND SLOW IT TAKES FOR ANYTHING TO LOAD. My computer does weird things with them.  You get on the Customer Service line.    They are no help.  One client tried to pay us with them and they just about alienated the client for us.   But that is another story that uh,  we cannot tell because client business is confidential.

But I had to  use them.  I had no choice.  When I called, I had this slow sounding little girl voice on the phone that to me, sounded way out ditzy.  “I’m so rrreeeee,” she said while I was telling her that I just  can’t stand how slow your c0mpany is.  I almost believe they don’t want to help.    But I almost give this  lady credit.  Still   I  was on the phone to just add money or transfer money to this account and it TOOK ALMOST 45 MINUTES TO DO THIS.   I WAS READY TO DIAL ANONYMOUS AFTER THIS, BUT I DON’T HAVE THEIR PHONE NUMBER.

When I finally  saw that the funds  were transferred,  I was almost fine.

Then,  I heard Florida Thunder outside my window of   my office.  Divine justice.

Somewhere between the sloooow instructions and drivel of the PayPal CSR person,   my hub went to buy chlorine to add to the pool and added it.  The pool store is one block up the street and it took him less time on a busy Saturday to fix that green pool problem than it took  this lady  to transfer funds into the PayPal Account.

I wonder about the competence of these CSR people.  See why we use cash?  Too many fees and trouble to use a dang card.   It is a last resort deal.

I think the rain stopped and now it is time for lunch and to  actually do this.

Pictures forthcoming like it matters.