The Brexit, No AC and sweating, No renovations yet, and waiting for a UPS truck for a legal billable…..

I wish I were at VidCon or a Writer’s Conference or something like that.  The heat is melting my brain.  Yes, I wrote that.

I cannot go to VidCon in Anaheim,  there is no Writing Festival … and 92 degrees does weird things to a legal practice and anything else.

I think am supposed to be here.  Glad that I am.

O yeah, my camera  broke.  My camera broke about a year ago. This is about to change soon.   But I  am  not a photographer, but a writer and teacher.   I write then say what can I learn from it?

I don’t run.  I swim.  I am a Florida fish lady.  I am going back to swimming.  It is cool and comfy.

Right now,  we — the hub and I are sitting waiting to for a delivery UPS truck.  Client stuff we are awaiting.  But we are waiting all day.

Meanwhile the grass is growing  and our city’s code enforcement people  are urging me to mow, even though our mower is in the  shop.  It is supposed to be on  or under warranty.

And I am just about sick of hearing about Orlando this and Orlando that.  I pray for them, but this Brexit thing is not having me worried.

At least it is   not US.    By the way if you see a UPS truck near 102nd Ave in Seminole Florida tell the driver we need him.  I cannot have my weekend until it is here.

Peace all…