Happy Monday: the bad FDOT soap opera Customer Service

Just in case you visit here and end up on a state of Florida expressway take note: they will send you a bill for traveling here. It is an automatic toll bill.  They mail it to you .   Even if you are out of state,  it has to be paid.

We just paid ours today. We only owed  about  9 bucks.  But unlike before, it took a bit of doing to do so.  My advice to you:  call the customer service line.  You will be rewarded with an enriching or lack of an enriching experience.  Or you will find an incompetents working for the state or state contractor call center.  They need to either train these people or they need to work elsewhere.

I called this time  and didn’t go online  this time.  The first time I called this lady  had the nerve  to allege that we still owed money to them from last year.  We didn’t  I found out after calling this law firm that acts as a collections agency.  Zero,  is the number we allegedly owe.    I  was mad about that I had to call them.

I am not a church pansy who is over scrupulous about not standing up for myself.  I will shout on the phone if they are incompetent and cannot listen to what I say.  I say my name and even spell it the first time and they still  have to ask three times.  By then,  I have said it five times and have to  say it another two more times before they get or verify the information.

It is awful.   But when  the first CSR lady  did this and then told us that we have an account in collections for the state toll booths,  I yelled for her to get her call center supervisor, also after she couldn’t get the card number right.

Then,  I hung  up on her.  And why not?  I just called again.   The CSR took my information and didn’t ask   six times over and over and over again.

Done.   That’s all.  Now to pay the other two bills that we owe: the electric bill for 215.00 and the internet bill for 100.00.