Here’s what happen yesterday –most of the whole story!!

Yesterday, I had been in the library all day with my husband working on a criminal case evidence.  When we returned, I had 12 messages on the home office phone. My husband works as an attorney and is a Florida bar member.  Two of the messages I had already answered.  
Around message four or five I heard this on the voicemail: “hello you left me a message on my blog with your phone number I’m calling you back from Ohio.” 

No way, I said to myself. She probably wants me to buy something from Amway.  That’s the kind of stuff that mommy bloggers do. OK, I told myself, let’s keep an open mind she’s the first she has boobs and balls all the same time.  I highly doubt if she’s going to call the cops. And nobody really does that. And, this is a across crossed the statelines    and let’s just be nice and civilized because of the Year of Mercy. 

I took a deep breath and I called her back.  

Hello, we both said to each other. What else was I going to say? I certainly wasn’t going to call her an #%^*+~<>€£. This was in person.  I do not want to go to confession for this. 

So, I listened to her I said doing is the way I did that is because I question everything you’re doing. Why in the hell do you homeschool? I didn’t mince words but I said it: nicely!   Too bad I could record it! But that’s besides the point. 

Her name is  Elena ( sp) She lives in Northeast Ohio. She told me when her  oldest son who’s ready for kindergarten she had a miss trust of the teacher and knee-jerkd the reaction and pulled him out of school right away.  

I listed with my heart and got the idea that there’s a lot of people like that they get over emotional and very intimidated  by the school systems and teachers.  Maybe nationally and locally we need to do something about that.  A lot of emotional people out there that do this. 

And she went on and on and on how relative or one of the relatives taught and was intimidated by someone who didn’t like the grade that they got because that relative was  the teacher. That relative was  threatened  in a parking lot. She then quit after 30 years. 

I kept listening to an impression I got was that a lot of people are scared and I don’t need to be scared.  You don’t need to be scared .  

I just told her about my blog here which is now 13 years old after moving it three times.  I told her the truth: people at Franciscan University do not homeschool, nor do they foster a homeschooling curriculum.  I heard a gasp  and a breath on the other end of the phone.

Then she told me her son just got excepted at age 22 or early 20s it to Walsh? A college in northeastern Ohio that I’ve never heard of ever. 

Then we discussed the differences between Florida and Ohio law on homeschooling. Then she told me she still had an 11 year old  child that’s still being homeschooled. 

I finally admitted that the reason why I always ask people to take a look at what you guys look like in the mirror is because you could do so much more than just fear and distrust of people around you which is why I think there is homeschooling in the first place. Nobody teaches deep Christianity anyone or deep Catholicism anymore. There’s something deeper going on here the American spirit=== fear. 

Maybe I had a different experience when I went to Brandon High east of Tampa. There may have been a lot of people but I have a very close knit bunch of people I still see. My  high school 35 th reunion is coming up in two weeks.  

About that missed deadline I had paperwork for my credentials for teaching in the fall that I had to melt at the post office. I just mailed it this morning and now I have the receipt to show that any future school  when I teach full-time hopefully in the fall.  

What did I learn from this? 

I think I need to emphasize better communication skills between parents teachers and leadership in any school!!  Maybe nationally we should do a survey and some kind of research-based survey to help us understand why parents are coming from when they enroll their child in school or even when they enroll in school.  

I told her I would keep in touch with her and I started a Google plus group so we could dialogue on this further. I don’t know if it will go but it’s worth a try. 

Seriously, one more thing: I think people like her and others who do you think they’ll have no idea of the parameters that are acceptable in regular society. They’re scared.   We should test just to see where you’re coming from I don’t know how legal it is but it’s a question to consider. 

I think they have to go to so that all will see they’re  Christian like the Duggers. Why not, they think. They homeschool!  

Where do I go from here? Everything on this blog is developing .  I like to hear from more of you. I put this blog together then and  today because I just decided that I needed something outside my journalism life and outside teaching life. OK, so it wasn’t perfect in the beginning the middle and me now. I may never be a mom so what?!  I am already in hell and sweating in Florida,  so what? 

How about another reader number two   to call me. Who’s the next? The landline here is –my offer is good to the end of the month –727-239-7116 is for landline.  I will get back to you in the evening hours please state when you want me to get back to you. Please know threats or anything like that tell me what you like about this blog and then we will discuss it in a civil matter.  I may or may not take it into consideration but at least maybe some understanding will be attempted .  If more people call me or email me at I will put my address on here and you can mail me stuff! Yeah!  

So, who’s next?  Got that?