Why I can’t stand Catholic over the top folks….

Warning rant coming:   I am not going to be quiet about this one to two paraG RANTS.

I have been there done that folks.  So when  bunch of whiny holier than thou Mommy bleeps or holier than thou I know more than you and you are praying wrong religious folks show up … watch out.  I will not be in a good mood then.  I will NEVER EVER be in a good mood with those people.

Face it honies: I am older and have an older baptismal certificate that has yellowed and been tested with trials and all kinds of nah nah that they think is incorrect.

After going to Medugorje in 1988,  Rome in 1988, Europe in 1983, and other places that they go hoot and hanny over,  I look at them and find opportunities to dump their sorry butts in a vat of cold water.

Got that?   We are done.