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Read this ASAP blog readers of findmeinflorida Important!! 

It has not been an easy 48 hours.
My hub went in the hospital for his diabetes again. And then there was emergency surgery.  He’s alive. He’s going to be fine. His sugar spiked . I just call him after being with them all day yesterday and going home late last night. His sugar is turning back to normal.  

We can thank God for all of this. I am just thankful.  Period!!  Thanks for your prayers!  We are getting extra help for his diabetes which is a good thing.  I may or may not blog about the process it took to get there.  There are some individuals that need to go.

Being that I don’t have TV at home, I finally got to see what’s going on outside of the Internet with TV and the election.  I got to see this while I was sitting with him and his hospital room. 

Trump got the GOP nomination I am not happy!!! 

Somethings I think I’m going to have to remember that well I might be in the United States, there are thousands of miles away from me.  So, unless I see them every day or talk to them at least once a month on the phone, it doesn’t matter.  In the worst case scenario oh I’m going to have to think what I did during the Nixon administration. 

I was a kid who just rolled her eyes kept walking and moved on. I knew he was a crack everybody knew about Watergate I kept blowing their bikes along the street. 

Wow a lot of the mommy bloggers are probably going to be sucking his The Trump’s whatever and building new wears the same he’s the end All to be all while they build their demigod kneelers to him. I might be behind the scenes taking care of. “Business”. Not one person who has a brain in their head should have a job if they vote for this maniac.  It is a little more than war that I have declared.  If you are in the church leadership position, and you vote for this maniac, you will no longer be in the church leadership position for very long.  

Here’s my case in point. The head of the Fox news Channel is leaving!!!  This is due to a sexual harassment lawsuit that his shamed him beyond the beyond.

Any woman who is not cheering Gretchen Carlson needs to call me. 

I have to keep the big picture in mind. But husband is getting better, and this guy is thousands of miles away. The state of New York GOP delegation passed on voting or nominating for this character who is a maniac an idiot. 

And not only that, what I do matters!!! It’s not always about them. 

Got that? 


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