Another year … my thoughts on it … year 52….

I have had the best year ever in spite of any setback and fight with my hub’s diabetes  issues.  How is Scott?   We just got a good report this morning!  They are trying to figure out when they are sending him home.

However,  I resolved never to let anyone  outside of a serious career deal micromanage me again.  School is  over and my conservative associates aka the TOR FUS friars are a step AWAY from my life now.  No more anyone telling me THAT I HAVE to do something a certain way again.  More on this later.  I   am  resolving to live a more creative serious fun life.

So to finish what I started last fall and last year,  I am going to spend the whole day in total near silence in a quiet section of a library with no  phones  or interruptions.  I wrote everything out long hand and well,  this is do it or die.  So tomorrow,  I am off and away from phones and doing anything on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that.  No one is going to tell me that I cannot finish typing the dialogue out long hand of this project.  Ooops,  I said the word dialogue, but that may change.

O yeah,  tomorrow is  my 53rd birthday.  I am going to do it my way.

I usually start  every birthday with some spiritual thing called Mass which I have done since I was 18.  I never miss.  But I even do that my way too.

No interruptions.  Don’t call me and don’t talk to me.  Let’s see how much I can get done.  My bet is that if I work 10 hours I can type the whole book.  And in my own eyes, this is better than birthday cake and a shot of courage.

Wish me well.  🙂  Got that?  I will be checking in at exactly 4:45 pm.

Got that?  I will check in before then but I am going to see how far I can go.