With no TV, I haven’t been watching the DNC convention. After Hillary got nominated, I have more motivation looking inward. Read this!

It was a different morning when I awoke this morning.  Two words out of my m0uth toward overbearing church people with no authority to tell me that I am going to hell if I vote for Hillary.

I am glad she got the DNC nomination.

What were these two words?

We ‘re done.

What does that mean?  It means just that. Don’t get near me.  You are going in the Gulf of Mexico,  you SOB’s you overbearing unkind people who say they care but do not.  Warning :  I can play as dirty as you all.  I will turn your sorry asses into the Vatican if you diss me.  Do NOT DOUBT ME.  I will do this.  My late uncle went to school with those guys.

I AM talking about the  sicko overbearing Catholics who gossip and pridefully put themselves up there and out there on a countrywide retreat circuit when they are the ones who should stay home and shut up.   I mean that:  Shut up.

Do not pray for me, because God still loves me.  I know this to be a fact and true.  Those ultra conservative non thinking Catholics and so called Christians who spew crap DO NOT KNOW ME.   You can say what you want,  think what you want.  I have heard it all but I will and may address that later.  The big one is she has no children, so she’s had abortions.   Some bishop somewhere should refuse her communion or this or that punishment where I am going to be mean as hell back.

Watch it:  I will turn YOUR ASS NOT MINE IN.  I AM NO LONGER AFRAID OF YOU AND YOUR FLUFFY FUNDAMENTALISM THAT FEARS FREEDOM.  I AM going to the beach to forget you and yours and  all your junk.

You many of you all who do this could not stand a day in the public limelight and would give up just like Sarah Palin did when she quit as Governor of Alaska.  What a dimwit!  She’s my proof.

Outside and inside the conservative circles,  most folks do not understand what these folks are really like.  You all are only seeing the tip of the iceberg .  These people are that mean and snarly.

Who in the hell do you simpletons think you are? Get real.  What in the hell are you all hiding? I know in my heart you are hiding a lot!

I am not hiding anything.  I got married late and how many kids I have or how many I have lost,  is none of your DAMN BUSINESS.  And this is  coming from many of these people  who cannot do what they think others should do.  What’s with that?

Trust  me,  I have about heard it all .  It is a nasty list of bleep that I am going to try and ignore. But this is not about me.  

But was  a different morning this morning.  My mouth was open because I was considering the possibilities when they nominated a woman to be President.

What this means is that women do not ever have to take second best!  I will never again take second best.  I believe in getting the job done but not for less than a guy.

And what  ’bout this whole thing about Mrs. C being nominated for the White House?

It lit the fire under my butt in a royal way. I was on the phone with the education state authorities digging up time to get my credentials in order to be able to teach.

It was a motivator  for me.

My mouth was open because I have been waiting for this since I was eleven years old in 1974.

Got that?  I have considered the possibilities above the cynicism that I sometimes carry.

I got it IT  NOW. I have more than they do,  the Trump Walmart Floor lickers who say “Sir Sir and Ma’am Ma’am all the time.”  Most of them are uneducated.

As for everyone else,  most of you are normal.  You do not act like they or these people do.