Progress report on my hub…he’s home restless and working half time trying to recooperate. .

Diabetes is not to be messed with.  My hub had foot surgery because of it.  But he is home with his foot up on the love seat in our home office.  We are still working half time trying to keep it all together.  Yes, even with no Air Conditioning with 90 degree heat,  we are trying to keep it all together.

How?  We are virtually staying in this room because our Master bathroom does not work. That part of our life has a suit out there about that one.  This room where we are is the coolest room in the house because there are two fans and a big window and it is in the front where I can see what is going on.    There is always a serious breeze and

Inside our  bedroom we were staying in our Beagle dog got on the bed and went through the  screen and the window.  This was while I was mowing last week all while my hub was recovering from his foot surgery.  I have the screen to prove that our wonderful dog is well, and can be difficult at times.  Go ahead, laugh.

How is my better half?  His sugar is FINALLY NORMAL.   But we are not eating the garbage the rest of the fat 50 something people are eating.  We still look 30something.  He is getting better.

And frankly I get to change out and had to be trained to change out his bandage every night.  It is a “medical lesson.”  It is going to be a while until he has a shoe on his right foot again.  A nurse with home health post op from the hospital had to teach me to do it.  That takes a bit of getting used to most nights.

We are still working.  And things are turning, but my patience is not.  I am  now in hot pursuit of  catching up beyond where I slowed down before but it was necessary to do so because I needed to do so.

This week is supposed to be  busy week.  I have an appointment with the local school system to get all my documents to get my teaching  credentials straightened out.  Taking care of everyone else took over before but now it is time for me to get and do mine.

And honestly, I have learned items about leadership I couldn’t have before this.  I could write dozens of pages about  clients that are slow to pay and waiting for payments and dealing with a state filing system and clerks  around the state and our side of the state.   Also working with Microsoft Word and Adobe Pdf and other stuff.  Advertising for legal work is a sham.   Most legal listing services are a total sham because they promise much but deliver little.   They are not quality cases or cases that are real cases.

My husband is on his own practicing law and not with some big firm in town.  He is his own, so when you do this,  you take what walks in or deal with what is at hand.  I thought about this last night,  when those over the top people walk in our house one day after it is renovated,   I need to ask them if they could endure  what I have endured? If their answer is churchy and patronizing,  I will kick  them out.

But Scott is getting better.  Got that?