Have you ever been assertive and not a milk toast tomaybe a doctor you didn’t like or questioned?

 Have you ever been assertive and not a milk toast to
maybe a doctor you didn’t like or questioned?
It was yesterday when that happened and 16 years ago when they misdiagnosed me with something awful that had to do with walking and movement . They wanted to put me on all these drugs but I said “Noooooo”. I’m still walking and it turned out to be nothing they said it was. I’m still walking against the scrupulous idiots.  
It was yesterday and a meeting of mine got cancelled. And right now I am fine lining about how much to say here. But one of hubs doctors came in and said something and I gave him a piece of my mind in a severe get real way.   What he said was very off! 
Finally!!! I’m proud of myself. I am no church chat fake milk toast that believes everything. I am not naive. Many docs are money hungry and need to be stopped before causing more damage. Because I’ve been married 18 years, and I love my hub I will give privacy to the issue for a while. I will Not say what it is because of this. 
How I wish I could print those bad words here. Some of you churchy folks need to get a life and a career and a brain and use it. 
It is not about socialized medicine or Obama care, it is about doctors knowing what they are doing! There are bad doctors who are very greedy. 
I’m 95 percent not sorry for doing what I did. I’m 53 years old and don’t do everything those church fools say that I should do. I’m anti scrupulous and will remain so! 
Got that?!