Where have I been? Read this blog readers

Where have I been in the past week or so?  Well, it may have been a light blogging week or whatever but I’ve been occupied with hub’s hospital diabetes foot issues and going back and forth to the hospital. That is expensive. Much thanks to local friends who helped here with that! 
Because of this I have no internet at home for the past few days. I’ve also been on the cell phone for hours almost days on hold trying to straighten out items for his health. It’s better than before because when my Dad was sick Mom was on hold even longer trying to get his health items fixed.   
So far so good !!   That took a lot of my time !!!

Back and forth to the next town south of here can take it out of anyone. When I get home, I eat a halfway decent dinner. Then, I turn in early. I’m tired.  

New opportunities.  

I’ve had back and forth with a new job thing. That’s time consuming!!! This came up last minute and there’s the rearrange and rescheduled meeting here and there. 

 worse this time. Alfie was pissed Scott was gone. He was pissed I have been gone. He has serious separation anxiety.   
Then I panicked. I grabbed his harness and leash expecting a run or chase and another huge vet bill or even a dead dog out on the main road by our house. Last time he escaped he had his tail between his legs when he headed home . At five years old, I think he’s learned not to run far. Cars are dominating and that scared him when he stopped traffic in four lanes there. Some Hispanic guy helped me and the poor beagle stopped long enough for me to rope him. Uh, I couldn’t find his leash after his last Houdini episode . So I grabbed any rope and made a lasso. 
But this our hound who follows his nose stayed this time . Our neighborhood boy riding his bike was going by . 
“Have you seen a doggie jumping out of a window?” 
I had the leash and harness in my hand expecting the worst answer. 
“Nooooo!” He said.  
One second later, I heard him inside the house howling and barking and baying.  
Couldn’t be, I said to myself. Alfie is still here? No dead dog?!!! No chase around the hood here?? 
Give that hound the WHOLE pack of turkey bacon, his favorite!!! So I went in and hugged him. I really hugged him.  
Then, I went to fix the now demolished screen. 
No bother. I still have him with me. I think he will never leave again but I made sure that 3 buck turkey bacon is on my grocery list.  
I think he misses Scott. Good smart dog.  
Next time also be sure that the room is bolted down where he can’t get in there before I leave.  
Good dog, stay!!!