Lunchtime: I’m sighing after hubs three diabetes surgeries and ….

I’m taking a break this afternoon planning at the local library before my next endeavor. 

I am also sighing a big sigh after an ice cold Coca-Cola and cheese and crackers.  

Everybody in my house went back to work today, except the dog.  He still barking. 

So this little adventure started back last March or was that February, when my husband noticed ulcers on his right foot .  Off. He has diabetes, so off we went to see a doctor.   You have to take things like this serious when you have what he has.     

When we got to the doctor they told us to go to the emergency room.  Then it was the first surgery which took off his toe of his right foot and then more intravenous antibiotics every day for six weeks all last late winter and spring.   Then he had a break for Easter and it got better.   It got better for about 6 to 8 weeks. Then, two more ulcers on his right foot mostly the toes.   He was healing fine up until July 4th holiday.  Then Mr. ulcer  showed a rerun  on another toe, same foot.  

Then drastic measures had to be taken.  I’m not going to say what happened but he lost more bones in his right foot.  I wasn’t too happy about all this happening on my summer was shot.  So he came home on my birthday July late July and it was back to the doctor again who sent us back to the emergency room and that’s when the final surgery was done.  

So, today he went back to work in a wheelchair while he cannot put pressure on his foot. And, I was cheering.  He couldn’t drive, so we had to get someone to help him and drive him up to the county where the hearing was taking place. Hub is a lawyer and had a criminal case to deal with today.  He had been walking with a walker and hopping on 1 foot because, again, he could put any pressure on the surgery foot.  

So, this is why I am sighing a big sigh of relief today that he’s off doing what he has to do and I’m off here doing what I have to do. 

 Is the worst over?  I hope so. I will believe it when I have a margarita in my hand and I’m sitting at a Disney hotel.  

But that will be very anti-climactic! Got that?