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I ask one pre-election Q: why the mean spiritedness?

I have been training at an office.  I am doing this awaiting my teaching credentials while hubs is recovering and taking Physical Therapy for his diabetic foot surgery.  He’s learning to balance and now walking with those shoes.   

Part of the job is to train how to look up people.  Yeah, I did.  I actually looked up a few mean spirited locals around here and around the state.

I even looked up some church chats.  NO,  NOT GOING TO SAY JUST WHAT PERSON I LOOKED UP . But most of the GOP PEOPLE are very mean spirited and well, a bit condemning and suspicious of why we don’t have kids and the list goes on.  They look down on others when they should be surrendering that junk to God.

Why the mean spiritedness?   Do you get a million bucks for doing it or does that make you a real Christian or a real Catholic?

What about Matthew 5 and the Beatitudes?   Or what about when Jesus says “what so ever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me…”?

By the way,  I could name names but I am going to skip it.

Happy Monday if you know how.


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