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Election endure Week! Ahhh, this is my now clean kitchen floor cleaned w gallon water jugs and soap !

Could you do this?  We have a serious plumbing woe but I still have a very clean floor. Water pressure is a drizzle. We use gallon jugs we fill and save ! 

It even smells clean. Go ahead vote for *** Trump you’d massively fail this education test you dumb ***ing rednecks . 

My floor is still clean. I don’t make excuses .  

Here is a picture 

Oh yeah along w plumbing woes, we have an  occasional stopped up sink!! That’s why the stopper is there. Soon there’s gonna be a test of how much I’ve dealt with versus how much you can.  


How about Election Day?  I’m laughing . 


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here. This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here. I sweat.