Here’s to the Election Day I’ve been waiting for –maybe…

Here’s to the election day I’ve been waiting for many many many years! Well, maybe.

 America has a self image problem. I’ll say that again: America has a self image problem!  Take a look at how we treat people. I’m just as guilty as the next guy or next gal.

But when you run up bills and a bankrupt and I don’t pay your taxes,  then I ask questions.  OK, back when I was in my late 20s I had a car repossessed. I was living above my means. I refuse to go and get a higher paying job and that’s what happened. But not once in all my life have I ever declared bankruptcy! I just let time run out on the time that they could collect  from me. 

 But the real question I had against Donald was the two pages of insults as published in the New York Times.  

I’m not gonna call it.  I’m not going to say what’s going on until 6 o’clock tomorrow morning after the dust settled.  

In the grand scheme of things, I will just have to say this I’m still sitting on my property in my city and my state, and in my country. 

Regarding that self image problem one more time: can you just be yourself and be nice? Can people be not so quick to spew out insults? What keeps people from having confidence and not seeing America is great or even themselves as great ? 

I think when they’re standing in the polls regardless of who they vote for that will have to ask that question. What keeps you from seeing yourself as competent? It’s time for some soul-searching America.

Got that?