Here’s some things I can be thankful for because I absolutely positively know that these things are gonna happen! 

Before I go off to my first morning’s appointment, I will say a few things here. 

The market this morning crashed. Jobs are going to be lost. It is going to be worse than 2008.  The USA credit rating is gonna sink. 

Don’t think things are going to change and two months. It’s going to get worse. The Wall Street people and Silicon Valley don’t like Mr. Trump . He’s what you call a New York redneck. Tampa people did not even want him to build a tower on the waterfront. 

I’m not going to go on and on here but here’s the deal: I survived Richard Nixon as president, I survived Bush Senior and Jr as president, and I survived Ronald Reagan  but liked it at the time . 

All three are now dead or almost dead.  Bush Jr wouldn’t vote for him. 

I still have my house – it is paid for with no mortgage. I’d better pay my taxes ahead . This is about the only thing I can rub in anyone’s face. So I don’t care really if you’re a redneck and you don’t like me and you’re fat and unintelligent and a lot of the things that I think are totally ignorant and unnecessary. 

That’s about all I’m really going to say in a grand  way here. 

I will survive this because I know without a doubt that I will get my house done and my new kitchen and my new living room and everything that is necessary to exist beyond this. I will get some work done. 

Trump does not know I exist. Good I don’t care. I am going to distance myself from these redneck people on Facebook.  

I survived the Kennedy assassination at four months old, I survived the Vietnam war, I survived a lot of my science expeditions travels with my Dad as a young kid.  (I can’t talk about that!)  I survived a lot of postcollege  career nightmares that I’m very proud that I survived. I have survived utility nightmares in this house and stayed married and loved that. 

But here’s the real deal: I got rid of about eight or nine maybe more friends off of Facebook last night and earlier this morning. I’ve known these people 30+ years.  Without  going to great extent here to the public I will not extend myself as to who these people are. There was the season in the late 80s and early and mid 90s where I did not associate with them!  I now see why.  My other friend Ms K warned me then.  

Then, there are the college church chats from Franciscan university I want also nothing to do with ever! 

Both sets of people are not coming to my house when I get it done and renovated. 

I’m not gonna go on and on about that!   

But my number one mantra right now is I know without a doubt that I get my house done! The other mantra I cannot share in public yet. 

But three summers and another year like this last one to go.   I will survive because I know my house will get done.  

For my conservative friends I will say this: this man is a cheat and a liar and there’s no gosh darn it way that is ever going to do all the things he says he’s going to do. I’m going to ignore you and him for the next four years and focus on my writing and  and tell y’all to go to **. There’s no way in the universe this man’s got to get rid of abortion. There’s absolutely no money in that! 

He’s been married three times, been in a porn movie, insults the handicapped, and black people , insults anybody that’s different from us.   His wife is totally stupid and stay is totally stupid and pretty and was a nude model. 

Again there is no way he’s going to get rid of abortion. He’s more interested in running everything for himself and his friends. 

Translate this: to everybody outside the USA I apologize for last night. Not everyone here is that stupid. They are still intellectuals  here!   

Got that?