I don’t know what to say here, but after a decade I have been almost too busy to blog here or comment. #holidaywoes

IT IS THE HOLIDAYS AND THIS IS THE WEEKEND FOR celebrations.  We have about three upcoming this weekend and next weekend.  Pictures forthcoming as best as they are going to be.

I have done it.  I am too busy to blog.  I am not going to spend any money for Christmas this year.   Don’t ask me because after Scott was sick and after his major surgery this year to avoid a diabetic infection,  I am just glad to have him  with me STILL.   

So I have been seeking new opportunities after dealing with putting my career on  temporary hold.  It is plain here:  it was a tough call but my hub Scott the lawyer had all his toes on his driving foot amputated.  I needed to be there.  It was a very tough call.  Now that insurance no longer depends on a job,  I was there.   I was there more than other women who are lower and are  superficial and are immature and expect to be waited on hand and hypocritical holy foot because they use people and husbands and don’t care.  They end up divorced.   I am still here.

I so would love to talk about my adventures and what that has been like around here.  I am 53 and would love to write about the age discrimination in the local diocese.  They can deny it all they want, but there is a new bishop coming in.  I hope he will clean house. I now  know that he likes my Alma Mater because he brought in a whole order of nuns in his diocese in the panhandle from “up there”.

I am mad at attitudes of lies and soap operas.  Moving here?  Don’t put your kids in the local diocesan schools until he hopefully cleans house.  I pray he cleans house.  I will pray rosaries until it is sparkling and no more of people who lie.

My GPA is a 3.8 and there is nothing wrong with my record, but they actually allow  lay people with felony records preach in local church missions.  The RCIA guy in my parish is furious that I called him on the carpet. But I am staying in my parish because this is my city block and I live on that city block.    He thought it was bad that I called him on the carpet about it.

Too dang bad.  I am not sorry for it and not sorry for anyone who wastes my time and money or the parish time and money for any reason whatsoever.

Mr. K0leske needs to get a regular job and another life beyond la la church land.   

They forget I have this blog.  People around the country and world read it.

Again,  I have to have a serious  background check and it gets cleared, so should anyone who preaches.  I know they wouldn’t allow any priest to have a record, so should go the rule for lay people who preach at parish Advent missions.   I have no criminal convictions!

Again,  I have issues with people on the retreat circuit because most suck money off parishes and I question how they do things.  Most do not have regular jobs and should have regular jobs.   This guy was a con job == IMHO. 

Honestly,  this has been what has been bugging me over the past two long weeks.


Don’t even talk to me about the other stuff in my neighborhood.

Just after my hub had his surgery and was still hopping around on his one good foot, using a walker there was a shameless nearby neighbor I am almost ready to name that turned us in for having a dirty pool.  She said it  the green pool had mosquitos and didn’t give a flip that Scott could have died.

I am pissed off enough to talk about it now.  This lady has multiple animals and one attacked my beagle while being walked.

So in this soap opera:  she climbed on a stool put it near her fence and sent it off to the local city code enforcement.    And  it was supposed to be anonymous but everyone knows SHE DID ITTT.

She looks so happy every morning walking her animals.  There is never a smile on her face and she is in everyone’s business in the neighborhood while she is walking around with a beer or multiple beers in her hand.

So we had to go to a “hearing”  Scott was still hobbling from his major toe removal surgery.  They gave us a few months.

He is better but not that better and our pool still needs more chemicals.

I dearly wish I could report this “B*** in to the local authorities for constructive whatever.  We own our house outright and I know from court records that she does not.  I know that she has a loan on her house.  Are we jealous?  I don’t care.

If I were braverrrr,  I would state her name because she is an Accountant with a said license to be one.  But that is almost liable.  But don’t really piss me off.  Get me mad  rrrr I’ll do IT.

There: I wrote it.  Deal baby.

Now, the naïve Christians who get walked on would just say take it.  But they can shove it. They are not helping and well,  I find that hypocritical and bothersome.

My game is on and my game is up.  I still have my hub and the things I have had to do to survive over what is supposed to be a season of joy is no season of joy.  Having hub and the house is my grace.

This Nazi neighbor is not going to get my house.  NO Way! Even though my FIL before he died told the story how friends of hers and her late husband wanted to macho up and buy it “out from the kid” after the “old man dies”.  But both are now out of the scene. One is dead and the other divorced and no longer in the neighborhood.  The kid was my hub.

I know they have no money or their mouths would not be running and running and drooling.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt beyond knowing that our house is going to get fixed.  We will prevail.   We have done so over the last two years.

The guy that used to give us a bother about all our estate sales two years ago has moved out as has his live in girl friend.  I have a video of his rude behavior.  I should give it to the local power company he may or may not still be working for.  The language he used and how he bullied me in my own garage should have been reported to the cops.

But we will prevail.  These dusty people need to move on.

My luck for getting out there and finding something has been excellent.  They go slow though.  But one of the places on my Educational Bucket list has come calling.  Scott is not taking any real new cases for a while until this is really over.

Prayers appreciated next week.  I go visit my EBL site then.

For lack of a better word,  we are recovering but it has been expensive.  I am prevailing and these ugly ladies who would try and tell me what to do would not prevail five minutes in my daily life.   They would be divorced or the cops would show up and haul their sorry redneck butts away.

Meanwhile we need our green pool cleaned and a plumber to fix the water situation at our house.  Truthfully, the pool is low because of a lack of rain in our area and it is now about three feet lower than this summer.  Because of the plumbing situation,  I cannot fill it and the pool chemical company no longer wants to come out with more chemicals because of this.

Scott they say will be really better by next month.  Diabetes is not something to play with here.  I am just glad I have him.  Anyone who thinks I am going to take this crap has another thing coming.

Got that?   There is too much going on.  At least we have our tree up part of the way.

Stay tuned for pictures of Christmas  as best we can do it.  I am just going to be glad that this year is going to be over soon.  I know I get this house fixed next year.

We are prevailing.  One bad neighbor is gone.  Another one moved in that minds his biz.  He even gave us a really nice used rug that he was going to toss out.