Good morning: I am not blogging  as much as I used to here’s why!

Good morning! I’m not blocking as much as I used to. Here’s why:  

  1. I just finished a major of writing project 300 to 400 pages. I’m tired
  2. I just started a new opportunity having to do with education. I’m gonna concentrate on that. 
  3. I will get back to blocking the soon as I have a little bit more time and an extra 10 minutes like I’m doing right now. 
  4. Forget about the doing anything about the inauguration of President elect Trump stuff like that.. 
  5. Gee, you could take a break for me once in a while.
  6. It’s winter in Florida I’ve been swimming and sweating all summer. Get it?! I’m not sweating! If you don’t get that you need to be here in the summer with me. 
  7. I’m fighting an extra hour and a half every day traffic with snowbirds. And it’s no better with traffic with the game on the underside of the day now they want to see the beach so that means that they’re all over here.  

I’m off to work right now, bless you