I didn’t go to my church ladies Saturday event : here’s why. ?? Run and re-run.


I have already read this book many times.  That friar who did the intro died two weeks ago.   And we are done with stupid stuff  and people judging me. 

They were having a day from 8:30 am to about 4 pm today with the ladies at my church at another church to reflect on EVERYTHING.  But I have already read  that book and others and just about everyone in our 500 book library in our house. 

I DIDN’T GO.  I ALSO DIDN’T GO TO THE WOMAN’S MARCH IN sT pETE.   I’m home being me.  We also have car issues with our battery.

I am going to do my own thing.  Our car needs to be charged up two times a day and well, these fake do gooders aggravate me.  I would have had to get the car charged up and they would have been clueless and asked, “honey. .. oooo dear do you have triple AAA????” “oooo hummmmmm.”

F** that.. !!!   Oh, also when the water pressure here is off and doesn’t work  Mrs. Church chat will just tap you on the hand and selfishly say …”I’ll pray for you dear…”

Don’t bother.  Recently, one Canadian lady who said that  and I was outraged that was all she said.  She did nothing else and in bout two weeks she will go back from her Universal  Health up there from Florida.

Been there done that and dealing with a lot more than just trivial bull doo that everyone else  is dealing with but I m doing better.

Forget it.  I am on my back  porch writing this.  It is such a nice day and well, I have already been there and done that.

Time for me to make intelligent decisions and move on.  To be patronizing is to cave in to their thought of  we re stupid.

Nah, we are not.

Got that?