Two blogs and two purposes…. this one for fun and daily Florida life the other is for national politics….

FROM NOW ON… THIS BLOG IS ONLY FOR FUN.  It is going to be bout fun in Florida.  That means travel and secrets and daily life in Florida that is trying to be non political, unless very necessary and having to do with daily life in Florida.

I am picking my battles.   Unless the battle is defense of the US Constitution and daily life in Florida,  forget it.    It will be about things that I might take for granted: beach, Publix subs, warm weather,  and daily life in Florida that is funny.  There will be other things that we as Florida people see everyday but you pay lots of money on your vacation to see. 

Trust me.  Most of them will be photos.  You may even enjoy this more.

And I am going to do this blog  Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, just like my old feature pages in my journalism days. That you can count on.  Except it will be more readable and well, as soon as the car is fixed and spring is here, we roll to the local joints that tourists do not haunt because they don’t know they are there. 

It is more about travel on the West Coast of Florida and other Florida spots. 

I have another blog  which is only for  national politics and debate stuff. 

In other words the days of debate with Mommy bloggers who have well , do not live my life here in the Sunshine State are over.  Let them freeze.  Let me laugh.  Did you hear that ladies?  You are not here.  Those days are over.  Unless,  it is something so awful and needs a phone call to a church authority, which I will note from now on.  I finally realized they are a minority and do not think.  (I used to do otherwise. At 53, I have grown to choose my battles to be effective ones.) GAD Sr., you taught me well.  (That’s my Dad’s initials.)

Don’t tempt me to get into IT WITH ANY OF YOU. I more than likely will NOT.  That is what Twitter and Facebook is for.   The privacy level on both those social outlets are mine to set.  Unless you have gone to school with me,  you cannot see it. 

One last thing folks, especially the younger folks,  choose your battles. I will go to another Woman’s March.  I am done with the Pro-Life Movement because of the way they treated us in our 30s and 40s when I was a newlywed and was dealing with expanding our family. I am married 19 years this year.   This is very justified due to the cruelty we experienced.  HARD COLD FACT:  NOT ONE OF THOSE SURPREME COURT NOMINEES OR CABINET IS GOING TO DO ANYTHING FOR THEIR CAUSE.   And since it is not me,  I am off the hook.  And all or most of this ** have grey hair or silver hair, so they are not going to be there forever.

I am patient and just tired of it all and want to have fun like before.  I promise my readers to get out there more, meaning more Florida stuff.  We have been stuck dealing with the trench of Florida daily life that makes us a winner in the end.

More alligators and sea birds and things I think will always be there because we are here. OK???  Got that?

Yeah … yeah..  More seagulls in the parking lot  at the grocery store…. yeah yeah


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