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A Florida funny endurance  daily life test in our house test #3. If you are prim and proper take this test. 

I have nothing else to do on a Sunday except wait for my rib dinner in a crockpot and watch the sunshine outside.

We may go to the beach later for a sunset!  Big maybe!

This is a test of point of view. It is not meant to be taken literally . But it  is meant to be literally considered.  It might be indicative of where you’re at and how you deal with things you must adapt to.

My point? If I’ve had to go through these things you should too.

Warning:  do not take this test unless you live north Valdosta in the State of Georgia, USA . Do not also take those and less you can laugh at yourself and circumstances around you. I’ve had to do so. I have humor.

Only married women over 39 should take this.

I can imagine you now –up north in the Northeast or the Midwest and you are cold.   I meant if you sing that I live where I do, want to be me. Remember, you chose to live there and now you are shivering. Don’t complain.

I should do this as a poll to see if the actual results. Next time …

OK. Let’s create this “Wonderful Life test” and imagine Clarence has shown up on your cold day and all the sudden you are me.

Here’s the test:  ( remember the rules). Remember you are me and live here.  I’m 53, in very paid for house and in a committed marriage , and no exceptions. Your reaction is you the woman.

  1. Super Bowl 51.  They may have cancelled the party at church around the corner. Your Tv died over a year ago and it is too nice in the sunshine State to stay inside. There is nothing in the budget for beer or wine and a new Tv until the summer because you are saving for a prepaid vacation and road trip. 

Do you   

A. Stay on course and don’t make a big deal out of this and be patient and know that you will have another party another time. This means keep saving.
B. Have a fight with your diabetic spouse and demand what you want like Veruca in that Wonka even go drinking is not good for his health.

C. Go wild and pawn your ring to get alcohol and leave or file for divorce because it must always be perfect 100 to 80percent of the time .

2. Appliance woes.  Your father-in-law died and left you a paid for house with a kitchen that is a big fail. Everything does not work and the fridge is on it’s last leg. Even the oven is broken along with the dishwasher that is also broke it you must wash dishes by hand. There is no running water in the kitchen and you must use bottled water that is heated up in the microwave. Oh yeah, the microwave works perfect.

Do you

A. Research to see where on the calendar is they’re going to be enough money to buy a very used set of appliances for 300 total and a used appliance store. Meanwhile you can go always get another kitchen later meaning another year from now because you know you’ll have the money then in cash.

B. Stop on the ground and have a meltdown in Front of  your spouse and demand that we get a credit card to get a brand-new everything and be in 3000 debt with 25 percent interest and never got a new kitchen.

C. Leave and file for you know what and have to pay rent later.

3. Car woes . Your ’05 Chrysler convertible , your  only car needs  a new battery, but you can’t afford it. However it constantly needs a charge and you’ll have a battery charger in the garage where you keep it at night. The good news is that it works and 90% of the time there’s no real problem if you just know how to do it.

Do you:

A. Stay on course and continue to charge the car until you can find it in your budget to maturely get a new battery and have the car looked that along with a new tire put on it after someone crashed the back window of your convertible top.

B. Go out there to a car lot without the husband buy a car that you cannot afford and demand that he go out and do something he doesn’t like just because you are selfish and entitled and hmph so?

C. Leave and be superficial and be a failure and a renter and leave behind a good relationship.

OK, add up the number of A B and Cs and sees that you put on there.

If you have a lot of A answers you can be me. Move here, I need a clone.

If you have many B answers, forget it stay where you are. You are a spoiled child and need to go to therapy and need to be frozen or thrown in the Gulf of Mexico.

If most of your answers are C s really stay where you are. If you come near my house we’re going to take action. You are the farthest thing from me on the planet if you say C all the time , you have issues.

So what do you guys get? I said to keep in mind that maturity is what I value. Fla daily life is not easy it’s the same as everybody else’s life and escapism doesn’t work.

It’s sunny out I have to go see what time we’re going to the beach.


I have lived here in the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. I am a native of New York. The purpose of this blog is to show what it is like to live here and not vacation . This is Florida’s Daily life. Paradise has “moments” too. This blog attempts to reflect my Catholic Christian faith with balance and sunshine and a crack at holy humor. I have a real sense of humor. It is hot here .